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World’s Northern Hemisphere Tropical Storm Accumulated Cyclone Energy (Hurricanes) Plunges 33% in 2022

by Larry Hamlin

The World’s Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone activity period for year 2022 has passed with the results showing a huge 33% reduction in Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE  – which includes data reflecting frequency, intensity and duration of all Northern Hemisphere tropical storms) from the 1991-2020 climatological activity period tracked by Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science /Tropical Meteorological Project as shown in their chart below.

The World’s Northern Hemisphere activity outcome includes tropical cyclone storm data from global regions representing the North Atlantic (addressed in more detail at this WUWT article), Northeast Pacific, Northwest Pacific and North Indian Ocean with all these regions experiencing significant reductions in ACE from the 30 year-long climate period reference standards as indicated in the chart below with the aggregate reduction for the entire World’s Northern Hemisphere in year 2022 being about 33%.

The World’s Northern Hemisphere historic pattern of measured ACE over the last 50+ years is shown in the table below clearly indicting that there is no basis for the incompetent climate alarmist propaganda claims that global and/or regional tropical storm activity is increasing as a result of “man-made climate change” with this politically contrived claim debunked by decades of tropical storm measured data. This readily available tropical storm data has been consistently ignored, hidden, concealed, misrepresented and otherwise falsely manipulated by climate alarmist politicians and media.

This data clearly challenges the ridiculous and flawed political concept being pushed by Biden and the Democrats and other climate alarmists that the world is experiencing a “climate emergency” and/or “climate crisis”. This claim is completely preposterous.