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Dramatic Recovery in Global Sea Ice Confounds the Net Zero Catastrophists BY CHRIS MORRISON It’s a mystery. Why has Arctic sea ice cover roared back so quickly over the last few years? Nobody knows – not one scientist on the planet can tell you, writes Willis Eschenbach in a short essay on the climate site Watts Up With That? It might be noted, of course, that there was no shortage […]

Watch: Morano on Tom Nelson podcast: Warns about the GREAT RESET ‘bringing one party Chinese authoritarian rule to the once free west’

Also available here. How @ClimateDepot defines The Great Reset: "It's bringing one party Chinese authoritarian rule to the once free west through emergency power abuse." — Tom Nelson (@tan123) November 30, 2022   I just finished recording a podcast with Marc Morano.@ChrisMartzWX, @TonyClimate, @JunkScience, and others got well-earned praise from Marc. I'll publish quotes […]

Dr. Phil interviews pro-human extinction activist who wants humans to voluntarily die out: ‘Feed ‘em, don’t breed ‘em’ By Alexander Hall | Fox News An advocate of human extinction Tuesday called on everyone to voluntarily stop having children for humanity to die out and give the biosphere a “chance to recover.” Tuesday’s Dr. Phil episode focused on the ethics of procreation and the debate over overpopulation where Voluntary Human Extinction Movement founder Les Knight […]

Newsweek OpED: ‘Welcome to the New Era of Environmental Colonialism’ – ‘Green-wrapped bribes to developing countries…create a relationship of dependency’ By HÜGO KRÜGER AND JOEL KOTKIN , STRUCTURAL/NUCLEAR ENGINEER; PRESIDENTIAL FELLOW IN URBAN FUTURES AT CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY There’s a new kind of colonialism afoot in rich nations, and much like the old colonialism, this one, too, purports to be for the good of the colonized. Today’s colonialists are Left-wing environmentalists exporting their vision of […]

Lack of energy storage makes renewables-only grids a pipedream London, 1 December – A new paper published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation warns that renewable energy policies being pursued around the world are unrealistic. That’s because renewables-only grids require large amounts of electricity storage to make them viable. However, the world currently lacks any power storage technology that is both affordable and scalable. […]

Hollywood star Edward Norton hits out at ‘non-sustainable’ luxury tourism – Urges ‘certified standards of sustainability in tourism’ to ‘put the brakes on global warming’   By Ian Taylor Hollywood actor Edward Norton hit out at “greenwashing” and “non-sustainable versions of luxury” in tourism when he addressed the World Travel & Tourism Council summit in Riyadh on Wednesday. Norton called for certified standards of sustainability in tourism and urged travel agents and the travel media “not to accept what brands […]