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Klaus Schwab speaks at G20 pushing ‘Great Reset’ – He is ‘now practically a recognized world power’


Excerpt: Klaus Schwab is now practically a recognized world power, and he has a slot at the G20 meeting held in Bali, Indonesia. The G20 is the annual gathering of the world’s biggest powers–the top 20, unsurprisingly–where they come to hash out plans and improve international relations. President Biden and Xi Jinping rattle their sabres and schmooze with other powers competing for influence, and Klaus Schwab does his thing trying to convince everybody to get on with the Great Reset.

Russia is now bombing NATO countries, China is making noises about invading one of the most strategically significant islands in the world, which would give it a stranglehold on microchip production, and Schwab is pushing cricket eating or some similar nuttiness. And taken seriously, because of course he is.

There have always been Klaus Schwabs in the world; it’s just that until recently they have been cranks who get ignored except within academic circles. What makes our friend Klaus a villain is not what he thinks or even does. I suspect that he is a genuinely philanthropic guy who, as long as he is rich and lives a comfortable life, wouldn’t resent your being able to do so as well. His gig is not oppressive totalitarianism, but happy smiling face totalitarianism.

It’s not labor camps, it’s high rise apartment buildings and social credit systems. You will be well fed with your crickets, and enjoy your very limited but very clean electricity.

I have said it before and will say it again, the vision is utopian in the eyes of the global Elite™. They really do think it will be better for you if they rule over us all for our own benefit. As long as they are or live like Billionaires, flying in private jets to resort areas to plot out how to make the rest of us happily obey their every whim.

Rule over us they must, because human freedom in the enemy of humor flourishing in their view. Freedom and flourishing are opposites, not complementary in their view. Free people behave badly. They mess up the world.

What distinguishes these people from the Hitlers, Mussolinis, and Stalins of the world is that they really have no desire to impose their will through bloodshed. They don’t revel in harming people. They are not sadists. They don’t particularly care about you as an individual, and would happily help you be euthanized once you are used up. But they would use doctors in antiseptic Canadian hospitals to do so.

These tyrants are, in fact, high-level bureaucrats. They believe in managed societies that are clean, orderly, and unfree. They are not averse to allowing violence in the service of their goals–BLM protests in America were a good thing–but that is not their primary means of gaining or exercising power. It is through management, regulation, taxation, and a growing web of international rules. Censorship, not firing squads are more their style. Social cancelation; you can live as long as you are economically productive.

The very idea that Klaus Schwab can command the attention of nearly every world leader at Davos, or appear as a speaker at the G20 meeting, is frightening to me. It shows how far down the road we are on this path to dystopia. He and his ilk are no longer cranks to be laughed at, but advisors to world leaders. WEF brags about having acolytes in every major Western government.

Nietzsche of all people predicted the development of the Davos movement. Peter Goodman of the New York Times coined the word “Davos Man,” but the originator of the idea was Nietzsche who coined the term “The Last Man.” The highest goals of the Last Man are peace and comfort alone, without the desire for achievement of great things. He wants to be taken care of. To…”own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better” as the World Economic Forum advertises.

The promise of Davos: in exchange for freedom and agency in your life you will get comfort and leadership. No striving, no accomplishment, no greatness, no progress. Just…comfort.

That’s the sales pitch, anyway. Things rarely work out like the sales brochure promises, of course. But even if they did, I am not buying.