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Regime Desperate To Promote ‘Climate Change’ Claims ‘Climate Change’ Worse Than Cancer – Based on ‘extreme’ model scenario of the year 2100


Here’s the headline: “Climate change much deadlier than cancer in some places, UNDP data shows”. It’s from the UN, naturally.

The Regime has a “climate change” problem, and a big one. Few buy it anymore.

It was thirty four years ago that James Hanson strode into an artificially heated hearing room (they turned the AC off to dramatize the event) and warned the world was doomed by global warming—unless something was done.

Now thirty four years is a long time. Many threatened “tipping points” have failed to be tipsy or pointed since then. Many “We only have five years left!”s have come and gone. Even three and half “We only have ten years left!”s have passed.

Everything was supposed to have gone bad by now. Every thing. Anything that is good, like crops and polar bears, was supposed to have been relentlessly beaten down by “climate change” by now. And everything that was bad, like snake bites and hurricanes, was supposed to have flourished or gone out of control by now.

There have been more predictions of “global warming”, a.k.a. “climate change”, related doom over the last fifty-some years than anybody can count. None of which has happened.

By the way, yes, “fifty-some” and not just thirty four, for it is true that back in the seventies the prediction was for climate change doom, but of the cold variety. One headline among many: “Space Satellites Show Ice Age Coming Fast (1974).”

The big difference between predictions of cold and heat doom was that there were only a handful of scientists predicting cold. Because then there were only a handful of climatologists. The number of scientists—cue the Expansion Team Effect speech—has exploded between then and now, and so it’s only natural the current cacophony is much louder.

In any case, there is only so much fear most people can stomach. The coronadoom panic proved you can rile the masses quite easily, and get them to quake in terror for a long time. But not forever, not about the same threat. Even though it is true there are a good handful of frightened people remaining, as we can all see by their shaky furtive eyes and pinched brows peeking out above their masks, this number is not really growing (though the coming winter will boost their numbers somewhat).

There are, as we shall see in posts over the coming weeks, a core of true believers in “climate change”, people who would, if they could, put a mask around the earth to block the sun — which is Bill Gates’s genius contribution. But even though this is a well-funded energetic dedicated group, it is not really growing, or not by much.

Though the propaganda has been relentless and total, so that the majority believes to some extent—but not to an extent large enough to panic.

Which is worrying to those who need to sell “climate change solutions”. Hence the Regime must continue to push fear. Not the same old fears, like polar bears dying off (which they rudely failed to do, instead choosing flourishing), and not vague “tipping points”, which are ever on the horizon.

No, they need something concrete. And what better than something they know works? Like deadly disease.

Hence the asinine title about “climate change” being worse than cancer. We know it is asinine for one solid reason: no one has ever died of “climate change”.

“What’ve I got, doc? Is it bad?”

“I’m afraid it’s climate change, Mr Peterson.”

“Not that!”

Here’s an example:

However, billions live in regions that have already experienced warming greater than the global average.

As an example, the platform pointed to Maracaibo, Venezuela, noting that in the 1990s it averaged 62 annual days with temperatures exceeding 35°C. However, by mid-century, that number will likely soar to 201 days.

Did you, like many, turn that “likely” into “certainly”?

This is a model. It is a guess of what might happen. And, as we’ve seen, not a good guess, either.

We’ll tackle that “regions that have already experienced warming greater than the global average” later this week. (Don’t miss that post. It will be fun.)

They say:

Although higher temperatures and a warmer climate put cardiovascular and respiratory systems under stress everywhere, outcomes will vary between places, according to communities that have the resources to adapt and those that do not.

This is false. As in not true. You’re as tired of the example as I am, but if this statement were true, everybody in Florida and Arizona would have stroked out by now or had a heart attack, whereas the fine folks in Michigan would live forever in their icy abodes.

Anyway, what’s all this frightening talk of cancer? Outside the headlines, the C-word is only mentioned once:

The study gives the example of Dhaka, Bangladesh, where under a scenario of very high emissions by 2100, additional deaths due to climate change could rise to nearly twice the country’s current annual death rate from all cancers, and 10 times its annual road traffic fatalities.

There must be some scientists waving his wee P around with that one, simpering, “Look how small my P is!”

It is no longer possible to take any of this seriously. How the Regime thinks it will sell “climate change solutions” with pathetic models like this says something important about how badly they are faltering. But it says nothing interesting about the climate.

They’re hoping, and it’s not a terrible hope, that most people won’t go beyond the headline and conclude “Climate change causes cancer.”