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UN Climate Conference targeting cow farts & fossil fuels – UN seeks to make the ‘world’s food system more sustainable’


Excerpt: They once again took aim at agriculture as the driving force behind us all shortly cooking to death as the auld sod heats up.

The U.N. food agency aims to launch a plan within the year to make the world’s food system more sustainable, a senior executive told Reuters on the sidelines of the COP27 climate talks in Egypt.

The plan would show how the food industry and farming can align with the world’s goal of capping global warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius, Food and Agriculture Organization Deputy Director Zitouni Ould-Dada said.

The hope is that such a plan would act in a similar way to the release of a report for the energy sector by the International Energy Agency, which spurred investment into companies, projects and technologies aligned with the plan.

Did you notice that? “This plan, that plan, and the other plan” – all coming from people who haven’t left their offices except to get on a private plane to attend yet another conference (somewhere chi-chi – they’re never in Mogadishu) in decades. They couldn’t plan their way out of a paper bag. You also know there’s skullduggery afoot when think tankers are talking about “just transitions“…

…Food production accounts for around a third of global greenhouse gas emissions and is the main threat to 86% of the world’s species at risk of extinction, while cattle ranching is responsible for three quarters of Amazon rainforest loss.

Investors are hoping the roadmap will provide guidance on matters such as methane emission limits, and support to ensure a ‘Just Transition‘ for farmers, said Jeremy Coller, chair of the FAIRR Initiative, organisers of the investor-led campaign.

Livestock accounts for nearly a third of the global methane emissions linked to human activity, released in the form of cattle burps, manure and the cultivation of feed crops.

…which in activist-ese translates to “how far can we screw with farmers before things get ugly” as pasture-grabbing Greenies are finding out in the Netherlands already. As with most types who live in government-funded bubbles, they also haven’t checked in with the people who would be immediately affected by their “plans.” These climate folks can’t push around the United States quite as easily – we give them the funding to indulge this BS, but they can sure lord it over Africa, and they try to. Those folks this time, not surprisingly and in the face of some severe world challenges to both food and energy, are hardly keen on the idea of depriving themselves of either cattle, fertilizer, or the option of taking advantage of fossil fuel resources in their own countries. And, as a block, the Africans said so.

African nations must be allowed to develop fossil fuel resources to help lift their people out of poverty, governments said at the COP27 climate talks in Egypt, which welcomed leaders of oil and gas companies sidelined at previous talks.