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Irony: Greens Now Praying for a ‘Warmer’ Winter to Help Germany Survive Energy Crisis

By P Gosselin

From the NoTricksZone

Normally the climate alarmists are convinced that a warming planet can only be bad for us, no matter where or when. They complain that the summers are too hot and we no longer get cold and snowy winters like we used to. Mild winters, they say, are a climate disaster that will doom us! The warmth is only causing trouble for everything and there’s nothing good about it. We have to cool the planet back to 1960s temperature levels, they keep suggesting.

But now that Germany’s energy supply crisis is dangerously intensifying, Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Green Party) is desperately scrambling for ways to somehow get the country through the winter without the gas supply running out and millions of people freezing. One way is pleading for Germans to turn the heat in their homes way down in order not to deplete the gas supply before the cold weather ends next May. But that alone won’t be enough.

Now, ironically, Habeck is also hoping for a warmer winter to bail out the country from its energy crisis. A warm winter will mean burning less gas and help the country avoid untold misery. Alas – warming is rescue!

He said recently, in mid September:

“If everything goes well in terms of saving gas and we are lucky with the weather, then we have a chance of getting through the winter well.”

Here he of course means if the winter is warm – and not cold and snows like the winters they long to return to – we might get through it without freezing to death before spring finally arrives. Please, please, please let it be warm, Habeck and his greens are hoping now.

To deal with the looming winter energy crisis, most countries in Europe are aiming to save 15 percent. In Germany, however, the government is pushing for savings of 20 percent, and warm winters are welcome again.