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Big wind threatens last 300 right whales

A few weeks ago, I let you know about CFACT’s participation in a coalition to protect the endangered right whale from Dominion Energy’s massive offshore Virginia wind project.

There are only 300 right whales left, and Dominion’s wind boondoggle lies directly in their migratory path. The greens are willing to turn a blind eye and sacrifice this endangered species in order to push more “renewable energy,” but CFACT isn’t going to let that happen!

Since we made the announcement that we had retained legal counsel to be ready to put a stop to this terrible project, the issue has generated quite a media buzz:”

  • CFACT’s Collister Johnson was interviewed on Bill Martinez’s nationally syndicated radio show (skip to the 01:29:47 mark), appeared on “Politics on the Edge” WESR-FM, spoke with Jacki Daily on The Blaze National Radio, and also appeared on “Joe Thomas in the Morning” WCHV-AM Charlottesville and WRAD-AM Blacksburg, VA.
  • Heartland Institute president James Taylor appeared on One America News Network TV and called out Dominion’s project as the “nail in the coffin” for the right whale.
  • CFACT’s Gabriella Hoffman was published in Townhall with her piece “Save right whales from radical environmentalists who exploit them.”
  • The Augusta Free, and Bacon’s Rebellion Blog all covered the story and the newly formed coalition.
  • The liberal outfit Daily Kos ran a hit piece on the coalition, and our efforts even drew the ire of Chris D’Angelo, a reporter from HuffPost, who took to Twitter to complain.

Our media kickoff was such a success that Dominion Energy felt compelled to hit back at the coalition, smearing us as “climate change deniers” in a statement to the Virginia Star.

Sounds like we struck a nerve! Sorry, Dominion, but we’re just getting started!

CFACT isn’t going to let a giant utility company gobble up millions in subsidies at ratepayer expense for a project that will likely destroy an endangered species and only make electricity less reliable and more expensive.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Save the right whale!

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker

Collister Johnson on
“Joe Thomas in the Morning”
shreds Dominion’s wind project

How to kill whales
with offshore wind

By David Wojick, Ph.D.

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