UN: Putin a Climate Hero?! UN Weather chief: ‘From climate perspective, the war in Ukraine may be seen as a blessing’

https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-business-united-nations-weather-ece2a951b35fe8be9a7090cd93b3a0ac UN Weather chief: Ukraine war may be ‘blessing’ for climate By JAMEY KEATEN . GENEVA (AP) — The head of the U.N. weather agency says the war in Ukraine “may be seen as a blessing” from a climate perspective because it is accelerating the development of and investment in green energies over the longer […]

6 Large Banks to Participate In Pilot ‘Social Credit System’ for ‘Climate Scenario’ – Seek to manage ‘climate-related financial risks’

https://www.dailyfetched.com/6-large-banks-to-participate-in-pilot-social-credit-system-for-climate-scenario/  By: Jason Walsh Six of the United States’ biggest banks will take part in a pilot climate scenario, or social credit system analysis exercise, the Federal Reserve Board recently announced. The pilot scheme is designed to enhance firm’s ability to measure and manage “climate-related financial risks.” The exercise, set to launch in 2023, will publish […]

WaPo touts report calling for ‘global tax’ on commercial flying (but not private jets) – ‘Would require’ global ‘centralized system to track passports’

https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-environment/2022/10/10/frequent-flyer-tax-aviation/ Frequent fliers are a problem for the planet. Should they pay more? By Shannon Osaka A report suggests a novel way of curbing climate pollution from air travel: A global tax on people who fly the most, with the proceeds going toward research and development into sustainable aviation fuels, The Post’s Shannon Osaka reports. The report from the nonprofit International Council […]