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Europe’s energy crisis set to worsen next winter 1) Europe’s energy crisis set to worsen next winter after it burns through current gas stocks Reuters, 5 October 2022 2) Inside the White House’s failed effort to dissuade OPEC from cutting oil production to avoid a ‘total disaster’ CNN, 5 October 2022 3) ‘Disastrous for Europe!’ Biden considers banning gas and oil exports as […]

We’re Saved – toddlers’ sue for better climate! 1st children’s ‘climate trial’ in US history is set: 16 youngsters suing Montana claiming fossil fuels contributed to ‘climate crisis’ By STACY LIBERATORE FOR DAILYMAIL.COM The lawsuit against the state of Montana was filed by 16 children who ranged in ages of two to 18 when it was filed in March 2020 The youngsters argue that Montana’s continuous use of fossil fuels has contributed to the climate crisis The file includes stories about each plaintiff that describes how […]