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Watch: Morano on TV on how gas car bans will create car shortages: ‘Instead of Marie Antoinette saying ‘Let them eat cake.’ This is instead, ‘Let them ride the city bus’


Marc Morano Appears on NewsmaxTV’s ‘Prime News’ To Discuss Sen. Klobuchar Saying Dems Will End Hurricanes

>> Ladies and gentlemen of the newest message for Democrats heading into the mid terms, vote for us and we’ll stop hurricanes. You might think you recognize that woman from that clip is Minnesota. Democrat senator any club, a char, but that’s not any club a chart. All she’s been hiding her real identity. This whole time. Her real name is zeus, the greek god of whether, of course-, and it’s so obvious. Now now her and Democrat Party or heroically battling evil climate change and, as a result, they’re going to end hurricanes, and for that we all the Democrats, a debt of gratitude here the way and is former senior staff at the Senate, environment and public works committee, founder of climate depot, dot com and author of the fantastic book that goal great reset global elites in the pearl. >> minute lockdown Marc Morano mark think so much for joining us.
>> Thank you jen activator.
>> What, do you make of amy chara? They are channeling her inner zeus and claiming that it’s Americans vote for Democrats. The hurricanes are in this is a long line of climate activists and Obama. Administration officials did the same thing. John Podesta claim we need. Obama is cap and trade bill because the weather was getting worse.
>> So, they actually believe that they can legislate the weather. There’s a lot of historical precedents for this, because we are the things we used to call witch trials and they witches were accused of altering the weather, causing crop failures, and you had actual judges appointed from Harvard university condemning women to death and condemning them to punishments for changing the weather. But now the modern day version as they can legislate. Changes in the weather keep in mind president buds inflation reduction act, silly name, wouldn’t even impact global c, o two levels- measurably there’s been a serious analysis done, so it couldn’t even possibly affect the climate, even if you believe the climate was controlled by carbon dioxide. This is just medieval nonsense that we’re hearing here, but it’s twenty twenty two in case they haven’t noticed.
>> While there, unfortunately, our millions of people in Florida that are saying you know what Democrats we don’t buy it there staring down our hurricane in right, now, they’re, saying not so fast. There’s another push that we’re seeing for the green energy. Radical left, they’re, forcing everyone to buy an electric vehicle that it seems like nobody, notices that these electric cars they’re prone to catch on fire, and just look at these two headlines from the Washington Post of all places. First, one no one seems to care that e. these are catching fire and the second one Tesla is, and big batteries aren’t to fire problem. Lithium is and their exactly right. Lithium ion power packs only work well on a small scale out when demand is speaking, they don’t work at all what they work well, at all, California’s asking residents to not charge their ease admits the heat waves in an effort to save the power grid. I mean what do you make of this electric vehicle? Push that we’re saying.
>> Well, first of all that the fires, a real hazard, because even firemen are saying when they go to a car that had an accident, they have to be very careful- is a routine. That fires happen a lot with cars, but with the TV it takes four hours to to knock out the fire, sometimes it to let it burn out, it takes thousand gallons of water. It’s a big deal.
>> In terms of what they do with EVs, it’s very simple: no one voted to get rid of gas powered cars they’re, making an EV, replete they’re, forcing a mandate, that’s replacing it. California’s governor didn’t executive order. A California air resources board, followed it unelected, unaccountable bureaucratic board. Seventeen states jumping and buy them in a straight. She loves it all they’re doing with bands and gas powered cars are creating car shortages instead of marie antoinette saying let them eat cake. This is let them ride the city bus, let them take mass transit, we’re going to look like cuba, which is the vintage car capital the world. If they ban new gas powered cars, electric cars can’t pass simply scale up with all the rare earth mining involved, with all of the issues that somehow replace gas powered cars and they charge electric car and a fossil fuel grid. You make electric cars with fossil fuels. Half a million pounds of material go into making a one thousand pound battery in one electric car. It’s not a net zero car, it’s not an earth friendly car. It requires dependence on China. I could go on and on, but this is nuts they’re making us into the modern day. Cuba is what they’re doing in terms of transportation. We know that divide administration, though their full speed ahead on this electric movement. Now the transportation department they’ve, given final approval for all fifty states to.
>> The in construction on a nationwide network of these, even charging stations are thirty. Three states were approved earlier this month in the last. Seventeen of them were actually approved, today, five billion dollars over the next five years. You know add that, on the by this lavish spending spree I mean. Does it cost here outweigh the benefit because wasn’t most Americans they can’t afford these electric vehicles that cost does, but absolutely this is being forced on of that’s the bottom line of so what’s a buy an electric vehicle fiber there.
>> Taking away the choice mandating it in terms of this national grid. This is an important point when henry ford, the model t- and there was mass produced in gas station, sprung up across the country that wasn’t your version of the modern day of the division of motor vehicles across the country run by government bureaucrats. That was rung up mom and pop shops. Even senator mansion in West Virginia pointed that out. The problem is you’re: gonna have the federal government in charge of a national charging grid and it’s kind of scary, when you think of things like code lock downs. If they want everyone to stay at home, the government can just flip a switch and turn off the national charging. Great. It’s a lot harder to shut down all fifty states, independent guess stations all over the country, rural areas, cities, suburbs: this is a scary proposition government running it government in control of it, and of course we don’t expect it to run very well and also terms of the government managing a grid like this. But this is they’re not going to be able to two days after California announced their legs gas powered the gas powered car ban. They announced don’t charge your electric car because our grid can’t handle it. The more the government takes over our transportation, our food, our energy, the more calamities we’re going to have, but that might be part of the point, is they’re going to then try to nationalize all these industries, which they killed with regulation.
>> Mark we’re on our great to have you here tonight. I appreciate your insight. Thank you.
>> Thank you jane.