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Transhumanism: ‘Very scary’ technology on the horizon from WEF supporters – Morano on Rebel TV on Great Reset

Broadcast September 27, 2022 – The Ezra Levant Show – Rebel TV On last night’s episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Marc Morano, founder of, to discuss alarming new technologies being promoted by known WEF supporters such as Yuval Noah Harari which have the potential to upend privacy and surveillance as we know […]

NOAA official to CNN’s Don Lemon: No, ‘climate change’ is not responsible for Hurricane Ian By ED MORRISSEY Just think — CNN viewers can soon start off their mornings with this ‘just the facts” approach to news every day. Yee, and may I add, haw. As Hurricane Ian approaches Florida, NOAA’s Jamie Rohme tried to deliver at least a little good news, which is that instability in the eye may […]