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No Equity in Calif. gas car ban: 45% of residents have avg incomes less than half of current EV owners – Forcing re-registering older cars thus more emissions RAMIFICATIONS OF CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR NEWSOM BAN ON GAS-POWERED VEHICLES By Ronald Stein Before sky diving, you need to plan ahead by having a parachute before you jump. California Governor Newsom’s recent suicidal jump onto the EV train has a minimum of eight (8) lack-of-a-plan ramifications from his recent Executive order to ban the sale […]

Collapse of energy, food, transportation systems prompt calls for government nationalization of industries – Echoes 1930s push for Great Reset style reforms

Climate Depot Special Report The continuing fallout from COVID lockdown policies — from the economic collapse to the supply chain issues, to energy, transportation, and food shortages — is reigniting calls and prompting the nationalization of industries in Europe, the U.S, Canada, and Australia. The modus operandi of the Great Reset (AKA Build Back Better) […]

Germany nationalizes energy giant Uniper as Russia squeezes gas supplies Having already agreed in July to bail out the major gas importer with a 15 billion euro ($14.95 billion) rescue deal, the state will now buy out the 56% stake of Finland’s Fortum for a further 500 million euros. The German government on Wednesday agreed to the nationalization of utility Uniper as it strives to […]

Green party calls for nationalization of UK’s big five energy firms as ‘solution to failed experiment with a market-based energy system’ BY Peter Walker Political correspondent The Greens have called for the permanent nationalisation of the main energy supply companies and for domestic fuel bills to be reduced to the level of last autumn, describing this as a solution to the failed experiment with a market-based energy system. In a proposal that goes well beyond Labour’s idea […]

Yahoo Finance: ‘Firewood is the new gold’ – prices & theft jump in Europe as Russia’s gas cutoff boosts wood demand ahead of winter – 1000% increase in EU energy prices By Brian Evans Europe is turning to firewood to offset the loss of Russian natural gas supplies. A report from the Washington Post says soaring energy costs are pushing Europe to burn coal, trash, and wood. “Firewood is the new gold,” sources told the Washington Post. Soaring energy prices in Europe are pushing the […]

‘Electric Car Mandates are something of a scam’ – ‘Places the once proud U.S. auto industry at the mercy of China’ – ‘Latest Frontier in Elites’ War on Middle Class’ By JOEL KOTKIN , PRESIDENTIAL FELLOW IN URBAN FUTURES AT CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY California is working overtime to prove something that is obvious to most middle-class Americans: Electric vehicle mandates are something of a scam. A week ago, California announced it would ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035—only to beg residents this week to stop […]

Analysis: ‘Carbon is the new devil’s spawn’ – Environmentalism Has Morphed into ‘Carbon Fundamentalism’ Environmentalism Is a Fundamentalist Religion By JOEL KOTKIN , PRESIDENTIAL FELLOW IN URBAN FUTURES AT CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY Today’s climate activists resemble nothing so much as a religious movement, with carbon the new devil’s spawn. The green movement is increasingly wedded to a kind of carbon fundamentalism that is not only not realistic but will reduce […]

NYT: ‘Crippling’ energy bills force Europe’s factories to go dark

Via: ‘Crippling’ energy bills force Europe’s factories to go dark The New York Times, 19 September 2022 Manufacturers are furloughing workers and shutting down lines because they can’t pay the gas and electric charges. The furnace, heated to 1,500 degrees Celsius, was glowing red. Workers at the Arc International glass factory loaded it with […]

Critics Rip PolitiFact for Insisting Biden Anti-Oil Policies Didn’t Cause Gas Price Spike By Joseph Vazquez PolitiFact had the audacity to argue like President Joe Biden’s eco-extremist policies didn’t really have anything to do with America’s energy inflation crisis, continuing to prove why its worthless so-called “fact-checks” belong in the trash bin. The Facebook fact-checker seethed at Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for daring to tweet in August: “Democrats’ radical green […]

Climate czar John Kerry warns Africa not to rely on natural gas to bring power to millions

This is neither moral or just. Just plain nuts. — Judith Curry (@curryja) September 19, 2022 U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said natural gas projects could be a short-term solution as Africa transitions to cleaner energy By Bradford Betz | Fox News U.S. climate envoy John Kerry warned African nations last week not to rely too heavily on […]