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How do you like net zero now? ‘In Germany, prices for gasoline & public transport surged’

Via American Energy Alliance’s In The Pipeline:

How do you like net zero now?

Deutsche Welle (31/22) reports: “In Germany, prices for gasoline and public transport surged on September 1st, as government subsidies expired. The price for natural gas — which half of all households use for heating — and for electricity has skyrocketed and food prices are affected by rising inflation. The government is trying to encourage consumers and businesses to save energy in whichever way they can to prevent a shortage during the winter months asRussia continues to reduce flows of natural gas to Germany. The Energy Saving Ordinance comes into force today for six months. This is what it entails:

  • Retail stores may no longer keep their doors open throughout the day to reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning when it is hot outside — and for heating on cold winter days.
  • Illuminated advertising must be switched off after 10 p.m., with only a few exceptions. If advertisements serve traffic safety, they remain switched on, for example, at railroad underpasses. Street lamps also remain on, and store windows may continue to be illuminated.
  • Monuments and other buildings may no longer be illuminated at night. At least not for purely aesthetic reasons. However, emergency lighting will not be switched off, and illumination is permitted for cultural events and public festivals….A second set of rules will come into force in October, apply for two years, and stipulate longer-term energy-saving measures. For example, all owners of buildings with a gas heating system must have a heating efficiency checkup.”