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Animal Rebellion claims cow’s milk is ‘racist’ because people of color are more lactose intolerant than whites

The group known as “Animal Rebellion” has made their way back in headlines after members of the radical environmental justice group spewed recent shocking claims that “milk is racist.” 

In the group’s ongoing effort to eradicate animal farming and move to a 100% plant-based society, Animal Rebellion activist Tim Speers told Express UK that cow’s milk is “racist” because people of colour are more lactose intolerant than their white counterparts.

Speers’ claims were made to justify recent controversial protests carried out by Animal Rebellion which include dumping milk all over the floor in Harrods food hall in the U.K. last month as part of their “plant-based future campaign,” according to the group’s website.

While appearing on a TalkTV show with host James Whale, Speers was asked if his claims that “milk is racist” is because “milk is white,” to which he responded, “no, it’s because many people of colour are lactose intolerant.”

Rebel News USA went down to Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto to speak with locals about the Animal Rebellion activist’s most recent claims, and to find out whether they believe that milk can be prejudice towards black, Indigenous and other people of colour.

Watch the video for the full report.