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Listen: Morano on Joe Piscopo Show on California’s ban of gas-powered cars: ‘This is planned automobile rationing…they’re creating a car shortage’

The Joe Piscopo Show – Broadcast August 25, 2022

Rought Transcript: 

Marc Morano: Here’s the bottom line. This is planned automobile rationing. You mentioned California, the idea that by 2035 They are going to ban the new sale of gas cars. Now we can all sit here and say all those nuts in California who care what they do people deserve it. And I do say that. The problem is 12 Other states are following suit. And as California goes, so goes our national standards, because it’s such a large state that the automakers will take heed of that regulators take heed to that all these other states and this is what ends up happening. They end up leading the nation with it.

Electric cars dig the earth. Not in a Brady Bunch Groovy 1970s ways but — they excavate the earth. So so when you say an electric car, you’re talking it takes fossil fuels to make it and dig up and excavate the Earth for the Cobolt in Africa with underage kids. For the lithium in South America which now at least three countries including Argentina and others are blocking it because they want they know they have they’re sitting on global huge world’s supply of lithium for these electric car batteries. And they don’t want to give it up. So that’s going to be an issue.

So we have that you get your electric car and you’re relying on China for all this money because we’re not allowed to do the mining here in the United States because, , we have to keep our environment, we have environmental standards, so let’s offshore it to a country with horrible human rights and environmental records.

We’re going to recharge Evs on fossil fuels, we’re going to have problems with recycling them. But here’s the biggest thing. We’re not going to be able to meet these demands. So what they’re creating is a car shortage. They’re going to create no new gas cars.

The banks, the World Bank has announced we need to stop funding gas-powered cars.