UK’s first net-zero ‘smart prison’ in Yorkshire powered by solar energy where inmates have TABLETS in their cells By JONATHAN CHADWICK FOR MAILONLINE A zero-emissions ‘smart prison’ powered by solar energy that gives prisoners tablets and laptops in their cells is set to open in 2025. Construction firm Kier will begin building the Category C facility in Full Sutton, East Yorkshire this autumn at a cost of £400 million, the government has announced. Government said […]

How Do Citizens Stop The Climate Hustle? By Melissa Martin, Ph.D. PORTSMOUTH, OH – First, I want to thank Marc Morano for standing up against the powerful climate cabal that is using the global warming (aka, carbon emissions) ruse as camouflage to implement a totalitarian world government. Morano needs our prayers and our support. Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano is the author of the […]

Flashback 2013: Deserts ‘greening’ from rising CO2 – ‘Increased levels of carbon dioxide’ boost green foliage in world’s’ deserts ‘over past 30 years’ due to ‘CO2 fertilization’ # JULY 3, 2013 By Dr Randall Donohue – Principal Research Scientist In findings based on satellite observations, CSIRO, in collaboration with the Australian National University (ANU), found that this CO2 fertilisation correlated with an 11 per cent increase in foliage cover from 1982-2010 across parts of the arid areas studied in Australia, North America, the […]