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World Economic Forum Climate Misinformation Must be Subject to Open, Civil Debate says Friends of Science Society The World Economic Forum has published an op-ed pushing for Artificial Intelligence to manage on-line harms and disinformation, which sparked social media furor, says Friends of Science. In fact, the WEF is a purveyor of climate change misinformation itself and should engage in open scientific debate with CLINTEL on the fact that there is […]

CBS Sunday Morning Frets ‘Human Extinction’ from Climate – Features NASA scientist Peter Kalmus declaring ‘I do want people freaking out’ By Kevin Tober Most people watch morning television news shows to get weather, traffic and other news they need to know to get started with their day. They don’t want climate change fear mongering. This is especially true on Sunday mornings when most Americans want to enjoy their last day off before they go […]

Bloomberg News Exposes Eco-Hypocrite Billionaire Bill Gates’ Involvement to Save Biden Climate Bill By Jeffrey Clark Liberal billionaire Bill Gates embarked on a campaign to woo Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) in an attempt to gain his support for President Joe Biden’s massive climate bill, according to a new report. A new Bloomberg Green report exposed a years-long behind-the-scenes pressure campaign by Gates to influence the senator into supporting his […]

Green Fascists Are Destroying the World: ‘Fascistic climate change movement will destroy freedom & prosperity’ By Edward Ring Earlier this summer, the CO2 Coalition was banished from LinkedIn. The CO2 Coalition, with only three full-time employees and an annual budget of under $1 million, had committed the unpardonable sin of sharing contrarian perspectives on climate science. Its work, produced by a network of volunteers that includes dozens of distinguished scientists, offers […]