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Pay Attention To The Dutch Farmer Protests Because America Is Next By John Daniel Davidson Americans should start paying closer attention to the ongoing farmer protests in the Netherlands, which this week transformed long swaths of Dutch highways into what looked like a post-apocalyptic warzone: roadside fires raging out of control, manure and farming detritus heaped across highways, traffic stalled for miles, and massive […]

Internal Documents Show CDC Colluded with Big Tech to Deplatform Naomi Wolf by DailyClout Thanks to a FOIA lawsuit brought by America First Legal against the big tech companies, I have learned that the CDC’s press group coordinated with big tech companies, such as Twitter, to attack critics of vaccine side effects for ‘misinformation.’ To my horror I saw that a tweet of mine was […]

Manchin’s Support May Hand EPA Power to Throttle Coal Industry – May allow EPA to work around Supreme Court’s recent CO2 ruling’ By Jack McEvoy The new spending bill that drew backing from Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., contains funding provisions that could allow the Environmental Protection Agency to work around the Supreme Court’s recent ruling reducing the agency’s ability to regulate emissions from coal plants. The economic package would make $45 million available to […]

Study: The Unsustainable Costs of President Biden’s Climate Agenda – Job losses, electricity increases, gas hikes

Cutting emissions 44% by 2030 would mean an average loss of more than 1.2 million jobs ‼️ — Heritage Foundation (@Heritage) August 2, 2022 One of President Biden’s first actions in office was to recommit the United States to the Paris Agreement on global warming. This Backgrounder details the harmful economic implications of […]

And now we know why Sen. Manchin cut a deal on energy bill – ‘Mandate completion of a natural gas pipeline through’ in West VA By JAZZ SHAW Okay, the title isn’t entirely on the mark because there is virtually nothing that happens in Washington these days that can be distilled down to a single event, moment, or person. But this is at least a piece of the puzzle when it comes to the deal that Joe Manchin […]

EPA regs ‘putting small independent owner-operator truckers out of business…not able to conform to strict & unjustified EPA regs’ Kathleen Wells – As many of you know, I have a cause for exposing liberals and their antics and host a local radio show, The Naked Truth Report, that airs on AM870 in Los Angeles.  I am particularly concerned with local issues. Recently, I have been focusing on overbearing governmental regulations. I have had […]

Face Coverings For Farm Animals – Will Cow Masks Save The Planet? NO By Melissa Martin, Ph.D. Folks, the concept of masking cows to prevent/contain their burps from spewing into the atmosphere is so absolutely asinine that my eyes are twitching and my brain is barfing as I write about the faux issue of bovine methane destroying the planet and humanity. Argh. The neurons in my cerebral cortex […]

Canadian provinces have rejected Trudeau’s starvation policy – Will not go along with 30% fertilizer reduction policies The premiers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta have now all publically come out and rejected Trudeau’s nitrous oxide emissions reduction policy. As previously reported, Trudeau wants these emissions reduced by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030. Manitoba Premier Heather Stefanson said “…Your government’s national emissions reduction targets are being brought forward at the worst possible time. […]

Summer Gasoline Demand in US Drops Below Pandemic Levels – Americans are officially driving less than they did during COVID lockdown summer of 2020 (Bloomberg) — Americans are officially driving less than they did in the summer of 2020, when pandemic travel restrictions all but halted movement. Most Read from Bloomberg This Is How China Could Hit Back Over Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit China Warns Airlines to Avoid ‘Danger Zones’ Around Taiwan Pelosi Poised to Land in Taiwan […]