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Watch: Morano on Newsmax talks UN Paris climate pact & how the Biden climate agenda does ‘means jobs — jobs for Democratic donors & Al Gore’

Morano on climate emergency declaration: “This is a COVID power grab for the climate, where you’re going to have the ability that president governors, mayors to lock down the energy sectors in states. Cities, under climate emergency powers, could potentially limit car driving and gas station hours.


Morano on UN Paris climate pact: It is a horrible deal for America. All of the pain had to go to America and, as you mention all the developing world countries got off scot-free. The issue here is the UN pact was a complete farce from beginning to end, because even according to the UN’s own estimates. If, you believe in their (UN) climate theories, which you shouldn’t, it showed that, even if every country fulfilled their emission pledges that would make no measurable temperature difference… It was pure symbolism, but real economic pain and beyond.