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Climate Nitwitery: Watch climate protesters swarm DC Nats baseball stadium — Chant ‘System change, not climate change’ & ‘Declare a climate emergency’

Climate change protesters, who are promising to shut down the Congressional baseball game, chant “System change, not climate change” and “Act with urgency, declare a climate emergency” outside of Nats stadium. — Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) July 28, 2022   Police are basically doing whack a mole with climate change protesters as they try to […]

Analysis: Biden’s 50% emissions reduction target for 2030 (if achieved) would have a ‘nearly unmeasurable’ impact on overall global CO2 emissions

Via Michael Shellenberger: What about its impact on climate change? Roger Pielke ran the numbers and found that, even if it achieved Biden’s 50% emissions-reduction target for 2030, which it almost certainly won’t, the impact on overall global emissions would be nearly unmeasurable. “In fact, that small level of emissions impact is well within both emissions measurement […]

Sen. Manchin caves to climate agenda – Agrees to ‘abrupt deal’ deal w/ Sen. Schumer – Will raise $739 billion in taxes, spend $369 billion on ‘climate initiatives’

New York Times: Joe Manchin’s climate announcement has the potential to be a very big deal. NYT: Until yesterday, the Democratic Party seemed as if it were on the verge of squandering a major opportunity to combat climate change. … Senator Joe Manchin had been blocking any deal, and the Senate is so closely divided […]