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Lock us down again — to save the climate! ABC News: ‘Climate change targets achievable by keeping global emissions to COVID levels, scientists say’ ABC Science – June 30, 2022 By environment reporter Nick Kilvert Key excerpts: ABC – Australian Broadcast Company: To keep climate change within limits that we can reasonably adapt to, the world needs to cut emissions at nearly the same rate it did during the peak of the global COVID-19 pandemic, scientists say. According to […]

Biden falls short of offiical ‘climate emergency’ declaration, but announces ‘executive action’ – ‘This is an emergency, an emergency’ By Zoë Richards and Shannon Pettypiece President Joe Biden announced Wednesday a set of executive actions he is taking on climate change that fall short of the ambitious plans he proposed at the start of his presidency as prospects for his wider climate agenda dwindle in Congress. “Congress is not acting as it should,” Biden […]