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Media Matters calls Morano ‘notorious climate denier’ & ‘a proponent of the Great Reset conspiracy theory’


To affirm his talking points on the Green New Deal and ESG as they relate to current global conflicts, Carlson enlisted notorious climate denier Marc Morano, who is a staple of Fox News’ pro-fossil fuels programming, and also a proponent of the Great Reset conspiracy theory, which posits that global elites, mostly associated with members of the World Economic Forum (WEF), are using the climate crisis as a pretext to impose their global economic control on the masses.

Above increasingly shrill chyrons including one stating, “Green New Deal policies only bring blackouts, shortages and poverty,” Morano claimed that the “war on agriculture” by global institutions has been going on for years with “their goal to literally get us to eat insects and this lab-grown fake meat” by shutting down traditional farming in order to adhere to countries’ climate goals.

He later concludes, invoking the Great Reset conspiracy, that institutions like the WEF, along with politicians like John Kerry and companies that are signing on to corporate climate pledges, “believe that us, the unwashed masses, if left to our own devices, will create inequity, racism, environmental destruction, and the climate crisis, so they literally want to regulate, not just our farming, but every aspect of our lives.”

Morano’s final remarks echo comments from the July 7 segment on the protests in the Netherlands where fringe right-wing Dutch commentator Eva Vlaardingerbroek claimed that the policies that drove farmers into the streets in protest were part of a “globalist agenda” and  “great reset by the government.” These guest appearances punctuate one of Carlson’s key lies to his audience: the climate crisis is manufactured to instill fear that in turn allows global elites to institute policies that take away your freedom.