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Green Dogma Behind Fall Of Sri Lanka: ‘Organic farm advocates said they wanted what’s best for the 22 million people…What went wrong?’ By Michael Shellenberger Sri Lanka has fallen. Protesters breached the official residences of Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister and President, who have fled to undisclosed locations out of fear of death. The proximate reason is that the nation is bankrupt, suffering its worst financial crisis in decades. Millions are struggling to purchase food, medicine, and […]

Sri Lanka & the global revolt against the laptop elites: ‘From Sri Lanka to the Netherlands, Albania to Canada, the masses are stirring’ By BRENDAN O’NEILL Excerpts: It is also an indictment of the conceits of the global elites more broadly. It calls into question the prejudices and policies of global establishments in thrall to climate-change alarmism and Covid authoritarianism. In Sri Lanka we are witnessing a rebellion not only against corrupt government officials, but also against […]

Government advisors propose environment tax on meats in Belgium – ‘In a bid to make new taxation new green and eco-friendly’ By Dylan Carter A group of experts commissioned by the Ministry of Finance have proposed massively increasing taxes on the sale of meat, in a bid to make new taxation new green and eco-friendly. According to Belgian newspaper Le Soir, experts have suggested raising VAT on meat from 6% to 12%, or even 21%. The […]

UN Spins Professor’s Article on Hunger as ‘Satire’ — Professor Disagrees By Jeffrey Clark The United Nations quietly removed an old op-ed from its website after the article went viral for claiming that hunger “has great positive value to many people.” The UN claimed the article was “satire,” directly contradicting comments the author made to MRC Business via email. “For those of us […]