On climate, Americans don’t want to die because of a theory



It seems obvious to me that the current occupant of the White House and his backers would rather see the American SUV with all 330,000,000 of us aboard drive off a cliff rather than allow us to use the abundant fossil fuel within our borders. While I admire their dedication to their cause, I would like them to stop long enough for all of us Green “unbelievers” to get off before they complete their journey. I wish the current Democrat party leaders had the insight once possessed by Jefferson Davis, the Democrat party leader in the first half of the 1860s.

Back in 1864-65, as he sensed the demise of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, the Confederate president, said, “If the Confederacy fails, there should be written on its tombstone: Died of a theory.” The idea of “states’ rights” was so strong in the Confederacy, he lamented, that collective cooperation among the Confederate states was very difficult. His constituents faced shortages, inflation, and real hardships because of the “States’ Rights” mantra echoing from one southern capital to another.

The new mantra of “Green Energy” is replacing “States Rights.” In theory, going green sounds great. Like many, I want to live on this planet as cleanly as possible. Like many, I realize that we are stewards of this planet God gave us and that Our Heavenly Father expects us to “clean up after ourselves.”

Image: Wonderful future internet meme. Creator unknown.

What I don’t see from Al Gore, Ralph Nader, Greta Thunberg, or all the other apostles of Green, is a plan. I’ve seen their posters and heard their slogans, but I do not see a plan to get us from where we are to the bright and shiny day where trucks deliver, cars drive, and jets fly, all without using fossil fuel. I doubt batteries the size of mattresses that cost between $3,000 to $18,000 are the answer. This may sound unkind, but most of those expensive mattresses need fossil fuel for recharging.

I recall an older lady in the Wendy’s ad years ago demanding, “Where’s the beef?” With all due respect to her, I would like to ask, “Where’s the plan?”

Today, our fearless leader seems willing to see inflation, food shortages, hunger, and maybe even starvation before he will allow American oil companies to drill on our lands to supply us with needed fuel.

Good intentions will not feed our kids and sustain America as it is. If the advocates of Green are not careful, Green will come to symbolize hardship, starvation, and death. It is tough to recover from that. C’mon Joe, give us a plan that makes sense. We are calling your hand and you’d better not be bluffing.

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