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Dutch Police Shoot Live Ammo At Anti-Climate Rule Protestors

by Eric Worrall

Thankfully no injuries reported – but Dutch authorities seem determined to meet their climate targets, even if this means crippling their farming sector, or shooting someone protesting their ruinous agricultural climate rules.

Watch: Police Open Fire on ‘Threatening’ Dutch Farmer Protest

6 Jul 2022

Police in The Netherlands fired gunshots at Dutch farmers who were protesting the implementation of EU-based climate rules on the emissions of nitrogen that threaten the livelihoods of thousands.

On Tuesday evening, police fired what they said were warning and “targeted” shots at a farmer’s protest in Heerenveen in the north of the country. The Friesland police claimed a “threatening situation” had ensued after protesters allegedly tried to drive through the line of police and law enforcement vehicles, necessitating the use of firearms.

The incident, footage of which was widely shared on social media, did not result in any injuries, though three protesters were arrested and one tractor was hit with a bullet, the local De Telegraaf newspaper reported.

The National Criminal Investigation Service (Rijksrecherch) said that an investigation into the incident will be conducted as a result of officers discharging their weapons.

The use of force by the police was condemned by the Farmers’ protest group Agractie, which questioned if “people had to die first” before the government comes to the table to negotiate with the farmers, adding that the situation could have turned out much worse.

ACP police union representative Maarten Brink said that it was unclear from the footage posted on social media what had necessitated the firing of gunshots, saying police officers “never just grab” their weapons without reason.

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The following is a twitter video of the incident (h/t Breitbart);

The police weren’t shooting into the air – the tractor was reportedly struck by gunfire.

I’m beyond disgusted by this act. Leaving aside the insanity of the Dutch government attacking food production during what threatens to be a very difficult year, the farmer protestor who was shot at did not appear to be threatening the lives of police or anyone else. Perhaps there are mitigating circumstances I’m unaware of, but this appears to be one of the most egregious acts of authoritarian state violence I have ever written about, perpetrated by those attempting to enforce the Netherlands’ lunatic nitrate fertiliser emissions cuts. It is only by luck that nobody died.