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Watch: Morano on OAN TV: Supreme Court CO2 ruling helps prevent ‘Chinafication’ of America – Makes it harder to ‘bypass democracy’ with un-elected bureaucrats

Marc Morano Appears on OANN’s ‘In Focus’ with Addison Smith To Discuss His New Book, The Great Reset and the SCOTUS EPA Ruling.

Broadcast July 1, 2022

Rough Transcript:

Marc Morano: This is you cannot underestimate the hugeness of this decision. I was working in the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in 2007. When the Supreme Court ruled that carbon dioxide humans inhale oxygen we exhale carbon dioxide in 2007 Supreme Court ruled that carbon dioxide could be regulated under the Clean Air Act even though the Clean Air Act never mentioned CO2. It never was intended. They were trying to retroactively do it. Well, two years later in 2009, President Obama comes in and his EPA seeks to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant.  Now the whole point of this exercise politically was to bypass democracy. Obama tried to pass climate bills to Congress utterly failed with Democrat House Democrats Senate. So they ended up going through the bureaucracy. They use this ruling. And then, of course, all these lawsuits came but this is how they had that called that the Chinaification of America — they bypass the vote of Congress — bypass everything — unelected bureaucrats could determine that our breath, human breath, what’s in human breath, was a pollutant and therefore start regulating the American energy industry, small business big business, however, they felt without having to worry about pesky democracy. And so this ruling strips that all away and says if you want to regulate this, you’re gonna have to do it. Like we’ve traditionally done it like all democracies do, through the legislator through Congress and have the President sign it. And of course, the liberals are freaking out. They don’t like that kind of democracy, which is why they like the COVID lockdown. Same principle. Yeah, you had an emergency decree and you didn’t have to have a vote on lockdowns and mask mandates and backs, it all just happened magically to decrease the unelected bureaucracy. They wanted to keep that going with climate

OAN Host Addison Smith: Yeah. And people like AOC. I saw on Twitter earlier. She’s calling to abolish the filibuster, to try and help fight climate change. So, Democrats, you know, for all this talk about our beloved institutions and our sacred democracy. The moment something doesn’t go their way. The system is all the sudden broken, we have to scrap it, we have to get rid of the filibuster, abolish the Supreme Court, I think was actually the Supreme Court. She was saying that, you know, if we have to scrap the Supreme Court to have our way and to fight for climate change, then so be it. I mean, these people are out of their minds.

Morano: You know, you could use the word insurrectionists they wouldn’t nullify all three of these Supreme Court rulings, on abortion on guns on climate. i By the way, the clip you show and this is important to have Gina McCarthy bragging about clean energy jobs.Biden administration report shows massive fossil fuel industry job losses.

Biden administration report shows massive fossil fuel industry job losses



Morano: Here’s what people don’t realize: one of the analyses from a few years ago, it takes 79 solar panel workers to produce the same amount of electricity as one co-worker. And not only that, oil, gas, coal added up, makeup over 80% of our energy and then solar. It took almost 400,000 workers to make less than 1% of our energy. This is what we’re dealing with. These are make-shift government jobs relying on mandates and subsidies and stimulus bills. And when that money runs out, the jobs run out. What we’re not seeing is solar and wind power overtaking fossil fuels. That should be what our EPA and our energy secretary are worried about, but they’re not. They’re interested in essentially giving people government-subsidized jobs in the clean energy industry that literally produce virtually no Energy for America.

And in 2017: Obama touted green energy ‘investments’ at solar facility employing 5 workers, relying on $54 million in taxpayer subsidies — ‘That comes out to $10.8 million in tax-dollar subsidies per employee’ look at the amounts of energy produced per sector. (This tally does not include electricity generated by nuclear, hydroelectric and geothermal power plants.)

* 398,000 natural gas workers = 33.8% of all electricity generated in the United States in 2016

* 160,000 coal employees = 30.4 % of total electricity

* 100,000 wind employees = 5.6% of total electricity

* 374,000 solar workers = 0.9% of total electricity

Biden’s ‘Green Energy Jobs’ Really Means ‘No Energy Jobs’ And ‘Low-Paying Energy Jobs’ – ‘Oil & gas workers make double that of wind & solar workers’

King Coal: ‘It takes 79 solar workers to produce same amount of electric power as one coal worker’ – In an April 25 New York Times article (“Today’s Energy Jobs Are in Solar, Not Coal“) reporter Nadja Popovich wrote that “Last year, the solar industry employed many more Americans [373,807] than coal [160,119], while wind power topped 100,000 jobs.” Those energy employment figures are based on a Department of Energy report (“U.S. Energy and Employment Report“) released earlier this year…

Addison Smith: This is all so shocking. It sounds like what you’re saying to me is that a couple of windmills in Nebraska are not enough. To power the entire United States of America. I can’t believe it.

Morano: Well, here’s the thing. It takes fossil fuels to make the windmill takes fossil fuels to make solar panels. It takes rare earth mining and digging up the earth and more reliance on China to do that. And then it takes fossil fuel as as backup as diesel generator power plant backup for when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow so we have to embrace fossil fuels in this green energy revolution that they’re talking about.

Addison Smith: Yeah, it’s completely unsustainable the whole idea is a joke and as you pointed out, it’s it’s hilarious because you have to use fossil fuel to make any of this stuff possible. So I don’t know it’s like that meme I’ve seen of the power strip outlet and then you plug in the power strip to the power strip outlet itself. That’s how the left things energy works.

Morano: You’re plugging your electric car into natural gas, coal oil, and that’s what’s powering it. It’s not being powered by windmills and solar panels. But I think the key here is the Biden administration actually views the misery the locked I’m sorry, the blackouts and inflation and scarcity and shortages as a sort of chemotherapy on America that once it’s over will be cancer-free or in their vision will be climate crisis-free because we’ll have this green energy utopia. What all that’s happening is we are being made to suffer with no real viable alternative. Solar and wind are not ready to replace in any way. shape, or form fossil fuels but they’re gonna force it on us and keep hammering America and Europe is doing the same and flipped it on themselves. So as Canada, all it means is we’re going to be more reliant on Russia. Not only for oil, oil and gas but also for nickel rare earth mining and also for China OPEC and Biden, by the way, is going to the Middle East. He’s not going to ask Saudi Arabia to increase oil production. He’s going to ask all the OPEC nations to do it so he’s not going to single them out. But here he is begging OPEC to increase oil production when he should be begging Texas and Oklahoma and Pennsylvania. And Ohio to increase their oil production and apologize for his policies. Instead, this is the spectacle we get.

Addison Smith: It’s all intentional. We played a clip earlier on the show of Brian DESE saying where he was prompted and said, you know, Americans are complaining about high gas prices. What are you guys doing about it? He said, Well, basically sorry, you know, we’ve got this liberal world order that we’re working on over here. So you guys are suffering. I don’t really care. We’ve got a we’ve got to stick it with our globalist monitor of it. Yeah. So that’s, that’s the

Morano: It’s so worth it. You know, as I use the chemotherapy analogy, but we don’t have cancer. We don’t have the climate crisis. So the chemotherapy there literally, it’s a quack doctor misdiagnosing us and they’re giving us a treatment that even if we had the illness wouldn’t solve it. So they’re claiming we have a climate crisis. They’re claiming we can reduce hurricanes and storms. If we just shut down fossil fuels and embrace solar and wind. It’s complete insanity from beginning to end. It’s hard to believe they were ever even elected with this message. But I think the American people are waking up now in the last year and a half and they realized that the green agenda and the climate agenda aren’t just virtue signaling that they had real consequences and we’re feeling of now.

Addison Smith: We certainly are that’s an understatement. Marc. We’re all out of time. Thank you so much for joining the show.