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Warmist Ross Gelbspan warns of melting ice: ‘How many new COVIDs may be thawing as we speak?’

 In a June 29, 2022, FaceBook post, Ross Gelbspan asks “How many new covids may be thawing as we speak?” while linking to a June 28 article.

Bacteria species found in glacial ice could pose disease risk as glaciers melt from global warming””

Bacteria species found in glacial ice could pose disease risk”

A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found nearly 1,000 species of bacteria in snow and ice samples collected from Tibetan glaciers. In their paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the group describes collecting and studying the bacteria and their concerns about the spread of disease as the glaciers melt. …..

In this new effort, the researchers explored whether species of bacteria in the snow and ice could make their way to other regions as melting occurs. …The problem with such bacteria and viruses is that they could be infectious to animals and humans. As the snow and ice melts, they could travel with the water into rivers and streams into populated areas.



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