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Aussie ‘Ambassador for Women’ claims ‘climate change’ causes rape! ‘Exacerbates the risks of sexual & gender-based violence’

Christine Clarke’s bio claims she “advocates for gender equality and the human rights of women and girls.” “As we confront the climate crisis, women and girls’ human rights, must be at the center of our collective efforts. Climate change and its consequences can exacerbate the risks of sexual and gender-based violence. This risk is most acute for […]

Shellenberger: Yes, You CAN Blame Biden For High Energy Prices By Michael Shellenberger This July 4th, as you fill up your car or truck, you might be tempted to blame President Joe Biden for high gasoline prices. You shouldn’t, say some experts. It’s Russian President Vladimir Putin’s fault, they say. The US had to cut off Russian oil imports to punish Putin for […]

Kerry vows US will meet climate goals despite Supreme Court setback By Wilfrid Hunter US climate envoy John Kerry vowed on Friday that the US would meet stated UN targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, despite a Supreme Court ruling limiting the federal government’s powers. “We are determined to achieve our goals. We can achieve our goals,” Kerry told AFP. “But if the […]

Biden admin’s EPA seeking to close down biggest oil field in U.S. ( & the world), which produces 303,000 barrels of oil a day By MAX KEATING The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering labeling the United States’ largest oil field in violation of ozone pollution standards, threatening drilling operations in the region and, by extension, domestic oil production. The proposed regulations take aim at the Permian Basin, the largest oil field in the United States, accounting for 95,000,000 […]