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Watch: Morano on Newsmax TV on recession, inflation, skyrocketing energy costs: ‘Climate activists are happy. They think the earth is smiling right now’

Marc Morano Appears on ‘Wake Up America’ on Newsmax TV To Discuss Gas Prices

Broadcast June 12, 2022 

>> Anyway with more and that, let’s bring in sorry, Marc Morano will be joining us because he’s going to talk about how everyday Americans are hurting a Carl, you really brought they ain’t there. You don’t really mad about this, but this isn’t really frustratingly I mean raising. I ever like you said we have marc, morano and enjoying is because Americans are hurting to afford.
>> A necessity, as as inflation hits eight point six percent. How long will our nation game playing by the record high price, says Marc Morano, say the founder kind, maintain power dot com mark good morning? Isn’t joining us.
>> C’mon man to thank you.
>> Like we just set inflation hitting a foreign deck and high here. Americans are paying more for everything, food and gas, cereal and dairy. We just had a graphic showing some of this mark. What needs to be done to stop inflation.
>> Well at the root of inflation, I mean there’s, obviously things like spending and debt and money supply, but I think that the real root of what Americans are feeling every day and that’s the most easily fixable is our energy supply. We’ve now for two plus years, come in and literally restricted all aspects of American energy, not just executive orders and drilling you’re cancelling Keystone pipeline, but I think, most importantly, crippling the financing through the for the President Biden. Treasury department do things like environment and social governance where they come in and they literally make it impossible for banks and investors to put money into fossil fuel projects. So a base of high energy costs are going to skyrocket everything from diesel, fuel and gas fuel to the supply brawl of our grocery food, the grocery store and all the truck delivery. So I don’t think I think we are looking at multi year inflation at this point, because the commerce secretary just announced that is absolutely not nothing. They can do about high gas prices, high energy prices, thereby demonstrations out of options when the answer’s obvious you’ve got a real, invigorate American domestic energy. We know what to do it. We did it. We had low inflation and cheap energy. Just three years: ago, two and a half years ago, three pandemic. It was an amazing thing for the first time since Harry Truman was presidents, we had to reopen America for energy exploration, but sadly they’re doubling down on wind and solar, which is a fraction of our energy and does not produce that kind of cheap abundant energy. Americans need to get us out of this mess.
>> Mark, like he said, pre pandemic, we have those low cost yeah. Fortunately, for me, I’m in New York City- I don’t have a car anymore about when I used to have a car. I remember when everybody was celebrating those gas prices coming down, here, that you mention this being multi air yesterday and that I on a different, doesn’t mention that we’re gonna have to buckle down for the long run here, and you mentioned these gas prices- you’re not expecting to come down Janet Yellen saying she doesn’t expect them to come down, but she was also asked her thoughts on recession. Take a lesson.
>> Two, I don’t think we’re going to have for recession. Consumer spending is very strong. Investment spending is.
>> Salad. >> I expect growth to slow down, I mean look. We had five and a half percent growth last year. Why we’re operating well short of the economy’s potential.
>> Mark, do you agree with everything else saying as growth going to slow down everything else she mentioned.
>> I think she’s wrong. I think we’re going to have a recession. To paraphrase it was a nineteen eighty Ronald Reagan line against Jimmy Carter. Depression is when you’re out of a job. Recession is when your neighbors at of a job in recovery is when this administration is that of a job, because everything they’re doing is crushing the economy and there’s the think. This.
>> Is all part and parcel of the intended consequences of green energy policy, the Biden Administration and climate activists that the United Nations they talked for years about de growth, movement, lowering economic growth, managing economic growth. Well, when you have a lock downs, then leading into a man.
>> Of centrally planned energy administration, where everything is that everything is now regulated, shut down every agencies, a cabinet agency. This is a way to control economic growth. So, in a way that these high energy costs are exactly what climate activists, what every time someone’s paying another dollar a gallon for gas or me is scarce at a store of climate activist is smiling because this has been their agenda to make us drive, less travel, less eat, less meat control, thermostats be hotter in the summer cold or in the winter. It’s literally been the exact verbatim policies expounds and now we’re actually living it, and so climate activists are happy. They think the earth is smiling right now.
>> I, don’t know if the earth as smiling that and things they mentioned climate activists, a huge approach from the green new deal when present Biden was coming into office. Marc Morano think assumption joining us this morning. Breaking all this down.
>> Thank, you Amanda appreciate it and keep it right here near max, because you’re watching wake of America, we can and will be right back with more.