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Private & Corporate jets to escape EU’s ‘green’ aviation fuel tax Executive jets will escape plans to tax polluting aviation fuels, according to draft proposals to be presented by the European Commission on Wednesday. The commission plans to set an EU-wide minimum tax rate for aviation fuels, as it seeks to meet more ambitious targets to fight climate change. A draft of the commission’s tax […]

Has the ESG fraud bubble finally burst? ESG Funds Suffer Biggest Monthly Outflows On Record BY TYLER DURDEN Has the ESG fraud bubble finally burst? More than two years ago, long before Elon Musk joined the growing anti-ESG bandwagon, we were the first to slam ESG as nothing but the latest Wall Street scam meant to fast-track gains for all those hypocrites who pretended to care about the environment but really had found a quick […]

‘Climate change’ is ‘a charismatic smooth-talking sales campaign…via an endless string of deceptive narratives’ Selling Global Warming to Eskimos By Russell Cook When John Kerry, President Biden’s special envoy for climate, lamented that the Ukraine war situation would distract the public from the ‘climate crisis’ and then doubled down later on how ‘climate change refugees will outnumber Ukrainian refugees, he seemed to have no awareness of how ludicrous his statement […]

New Study: Mask Mandates Associated With Increased Covid Death Rate By Scott Morefield A bombshell new medical journal report comparing Covid-19 fatality rates across Kansas counties during the height of the pandemic alleged that mask mandates could be associated with higher death rates from the virus. From The National Pulse: The observational study – “The Foegen Effect: A Mechanism by Which Facemasks Contribute to the COVID-19 […]

Biden Commerce secretary says the ‘brutal reality’ is that there ‘isn’t very much more to be done’ on gas prices – Says it’s Putin’s fault (CNN) Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo conceded Tuesday that there is not much more the White House can do to tackle record high gas prices for Americans, casting blame on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Unfortunately, that is the brutal reality,” Raimondo said in response to CNN’s Kate Bolduan saying there’s not much action left that President Joe Biden can […]