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WEF elites: Countries must reject sovereign interests and prioritize ‘global agenda’

By Ian Miles Cheong

As the World Economic Forum continues in Davos, Switzerland, two European elites who spoke following WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s remarks, proclaimed that the global energy crisis is a “transition” toward green energy.

Admitting that the so-called “transition” would be “painful,” the elites said that nations need to put aside their national sovereignty to prioritize the “global agenda.”

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said countries must resist the temptation to prioritize their own interests and give way to the “rule of the markets.” He said that sustainability required everyone to make such sacrifices.

You know, for the greater good and all that.



At a separate panel, Norwegian finance CEO Kjerstin Braathen described the global energy crisis as a necessary transition toward green energy, she said that even though everyone can expect to experience mass shortages of oil and gas and severe economic hardship, the pain will be “worth it.”



The very same elites who demand that we all make sacrifices for the greater good should put their best foot forward and lead by example. Unless they are willing to forgo their private jets and life comforts, they have absolutely no place telling others to stop eating meat, to live in a pod, or take a bicycle to work.