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New Study: The 2016-2020 Antarctic Sea Ice Decline May Be Traced To Natural Processes By Kenneth Richard Defying climate models, the sea ice surrounding Antarctica steadily increased during the 37 years from 1979-2015. Even after many decades of studying climate processes and a supposed “consensus” that hemispheric-scale sea ice should decline in a rising CO2 concentration world, climate models cannot simulate the causative mechanisms for sea ice variability. “Over […]

REPORT: Bank of England used false data and discredited scenarios to exaggerate climate costs London, 26 May – Net Zero Watch has called on the Bank of England to withdraw it latest climate stress test report as critics expose the bank’s use of false data and discredited scenarios. Experts have criticised the Bank of England’s (BOE) climate stress test for adopting discredited projections of a global temperature change of 3.3C […]

Climate skeptic gives lone testimony to NYC’s ‘Net-Zero’ plan: ‘Completely unworkable, wildly expensive, & utterly meaningless…a ridiculous & dangerous fantasy. It will not and cannot happen’ My Testimony On New York’s “Scoping Plan” To Achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions By Francis Menton Today I trekked out to Brooklyn to testify at a public hearing on New York’s plans to achieve “net zero” electricity by 2030 or so, and a “net zero” economy by 2050. Actually, it wasn’t much of a […]

Biden’s Energy Inflation Is No Accident By Jerome Corsi In a press conference last week following his meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in Japan, President Biden praised the escalating price of gasoline as a positive step toward realizing the Democratic Party’s dream of enacting the Green New Deal. “[When] it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible […]

Ukraine War Throws the Eurozone Not Ready to Go Green into a Stagflation Energy Crisis

Special to Climate Depot  Ukraine War Throws the Eurozone Not Ready to Go Green into a Stagflation Energy Crisis By Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. Despite the nearly universal agreement in Europe that burning hydrocarbon fuels cause global warming, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine makes clear how dependent the Eurozone yet remains on oil and natural gas.  […]