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Justin Hart: ‘Here’s what really happened with Covid’ – ‘Free speech, right to assembly, right to bodily autonomy, representative government all fell’

By Justin Hart

Here’s what really happened with Covid: 🧵
– Global elites had ramped up significant efforts to reshape the world to address a host of inequalities and imagined boogeymen like climate change.
– These global elites were bolstered by a host of corrupt institutions which included the WHO (“World Health Organization”), big pharmaceutical companies, and world wealth and health players like Bill Gates and the WEF.
– With the emergence of a new virus these groups pounced at the vulnerable moment to put their plans into action and retool the world with a host of proposals – this was known as The Great Reset. The Coronavirus response was just the first sortie in this plan.
– Govts across the world, under the threat of serious mortality (real or imagined), caved to the plan of action which utilized never-before imagined cram downs on individual rights, massive expenses, and enhanced authority overhauls to set the stage for a shift of power.
– Free speech, right to assembly, right to bodily autonomy, representative government all fell within months of the first COVID-19 cases announced in almost every country.
– This newfound power and framework allowed this movement to latch on the decaying carcass of fragile democracies, societal empathies, and eggshell-walking politicos anxious about upcoming elections.
– Unprecedented global lockdowns of populations disrupted the entire flow of commerce and relationships.
– Trillions of tax dollars flowed into the coffers of every connected and corrupt institution under the guise of “protecting” the global populace from this apocalyptic pathogen.
– Disrupted businesses were “bought” off with zero-cost loans and grants to keep employees onboard and keep the money flowing so as not to destroy the economies all at once.
– A massive global testing regime was set up to catch the widest number of COVID-19 infections possible. The chosen test array (the PCR test) could pick up remnants of a virus at 5 days after infection or even 75 days.
– Hospitals were designated as the first point of care ensuring a massive wave of anxiety and alarming centralization of power still felt today.
– Deaths were counted with the widest-possible latitude ensuring a prominent psychological impact at every turn prompting policies mirroring population concerns.
– Governments bought and paid off new entities to ensure compliance. Threats of fines and operational shutdowns were made if new agencies failed to meet expectations.
– A global deterrence was crafted to ward off any pre-hospitalization treatments. The endgame was focused on the ultimate prize: a “revolutionary” vaccination framework thought to be the next generation in global medicine and health.
– An unprecedented wave of funding and government collusion was established to roll out a vaccine across the world.
– Government mandates ranged from coercive inconvenience to full-on house arrest. You could lose your job, your bank account, and your freedom in one fell swoop.
– Simplistic mechanisms of mask wearing were instituted as an outward sign of faith in the “new normal.” Politicians could then wipe their hands of outcomes by pointing to lack-of-use of such procedures.
– Children were targeted for ripe propagandist approaches ensuring that most vulnerable parts of our society were utilized as a bludgeon against anyone going against the grain.
– Wave after wave of virus variants proved a great excuse when vaccines didn’t perform as expected.
– Strategic gaslighting was employed by health officials to distract from their massive failures.
War followed to cover up the disaster.

That is what REALLY happened over the last two years. Join in the conversation:

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