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Biden signs law mandating 2026 & later automobiles must have ‘kill switch’ that may allow govt to seize control of one’s car By Eric Utter President Joe Biden recently signed a law mandating (persondating?) that all new vehicles sold after 2026 must be equipped with electronic “kill switches.”  These switches could conceivably be used by government officials — or hackers — to seize control of one’s car without permission or oversight. Oddly enough, the law was essentially hidden […]

Video: Sen Hawley Slams Energy Sec. Granholm for Claiming Biden Policies Had No Effect on Rising Gas Prices by Wes Walker If Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm came to the congressional oversight hearings thinking she could get away with regurgitating Joe Biden’s talking points about Putin price hikes, she soon learned differently. Senator Josh Hawley was not about to let her lay that at Putin’s feet. He had energy price hike facts and figures […]