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‘Wrongthink’ – Making Climate Skepticism Illegal: The Regime’s Crackdown On ‘Disinformation’


Before we get into this, it is interesting to note that if I had kept my original headline, “Attempting to make global warming skepticism illegal”, it would have caused heads to scratch inside of turn. Propaganda works.

All right: Two new, and two successful, power grabs by the Regime were completed last week.

The first was the start of the Disinformation Governance Board, under the Department of Homeland Security. This creates a mechanism to define official thoughtcrimes. I repeat: if official disinformation exists there necessarily must exist Official Truths (which are only coincidental with Truths), and therefore there must exist an entity in charge of creating and regulating them.

The second grab was creation of the Office of Environmental Justice, under the Department of Justice. There is no such thing as environmental justice. But such a fiction can be defined with respect to The Science (as in “Listen to The Science!”). The Science is research provided by Experts. And Experts, you recall, are educated credentialed important individuals who align with and are supported by the Regime, directly or indirectly.

The first thing you will have noticed is that all things must now be named for what they are not. That is the well known nature of advertising.

The second obvious observation is that these new agencies are two aspects of the same thing: official control of information.

The DGB will be the clearing house for Official Truths (OTs) as we discussed, and the OEJ will be (among other things) one of its police forces for certain kinds of non-political thoughtcrimes.

The right kind of police force, too. Armed men—the government trusts and loves guns when they are in the hands of official agents—equipped with armored SWAT vehicles are not necessary for thoughtlaw arrests. Lawsuits are far superior. Which is to say, the power to legally steal money of those whose thoughts are officially classed as disinformation.

Like the DGB, the OEJ has been in the works for some time.

Here’s a headline from January: “Can You Be Sued For Climate Disinformation? New White Paper On Legal Liability For Climate Denial.”

The Climate Social Science Network recently published a report on greenwashing litigation, a landscape analysis of how climate disinformation is being challenged in courts, based on a database of climate laws, and another of climate litigation.

First, they lay out what’s meant by greenwashing and its more specific climate-washing variant, referring to how companies use rhetoric to conceal their pollution in climate-friendly terms. Greenwashing, per the report and the many studies it cites, consists of “unsubstantiated or misleading claims regarding an actor’s environmental performance,” including “selective disclosure” of good news but not bad, while climate-washing “may encompass issues that go beyond the natural environment.”

There is in the legal white paper not even a hint of a shadow of a notion of a dream of the mere wisp of an idea that climate doom could be false or over-certain. Climate doom will happen unless bad thoughts (like “greenwashing”) are vanquished.

They sternly warn company lawyers to “avoid disinformation regarding climate change and action.” And they tell would-be suers “Existing soft and hard law can be the basis of litigation.” Such as will be provided by the OEJ.

OT lists are being made. The White House gathered Experts to ritually condemn “climate delayism”, and to provide the government the ability to say “Experts created the OT list, not us.”

Other Experts took to Nature, in the peer-reviewed paper “Computer-assisted classification of contrarian claims about climate change“, to show that computers—computers!—can spot wrongthink.

“A growing body of scholarship investigates the role of misinformation in shaping the debate on climate change,” the Abstract opens. Growing body. Experts can always be counted on to provide the regime what it needs.

They warn that “contrarian” thought “increasingly, has challenged climate policy and renewable energy.” And that “Organized climate change contrarianism has played a significant role in the spread of misinformation and the delay of meaningful action to mitigate climate change.”

This paper is proof of our contention that in order for there to be official disinformation, there must be lists of OTs. That is the only way a “computer” can identify misinformation. Because all models only say what they are told to say, their “computer” model must have be told what constitutes wrongthink.

OTs exist, certified by Experts, and will be used to control and police thought. The focus will be more than on global warming, of course, but given the waning of coroandoom, the regime needs a juicy crisis to focus on.

“We must,” said Janet Inflation-is-Transitory Yellen, “Decarbonize our economy.” It is because of the vast, vast sums involved in this “decarbonization”, which is to say, of transferring the wealth from those on the outside to those on the inside, that the DGB and OEJ will flourish.

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