Joe Bastardi: John Kerry is the old school playground bully on climate


I am not going to rehash all Earth day pronouncements by John Kerry, he lives in a different world from me. But I can not figure out why we let him bully our nation the way he does. Is there any journalist who will stand up and question him?

Natural gas for instance emits almost no CO2, yet this is the headline:
“Biden’s climate envoy Kerry gives natural gas a 10-year expiration date”

Kerry is demanding we shut down coal faster, and then pushing for electric vehicles:
“John Kerry — We need to shut coal plants 5X faster…”

Like a bully, Kerry picks on an easy target, the collective conscious of a generation in this country that has been taught that their nation is not a force for good in the world.  So he makes these demands. But who is bullying him? China. It is the classic pecking order of the bully doing the bidding of the bigger bully. China is by far the number one polluter in the world, and China builds one coal plant after another. Yet, who does he pick on? His own country. China is rich in the raw materials needed to drive whatever kind of “green revolution” that is being pushed (a misnomer if there ever was one given the pillaging of natural resources that is going to occur, and the fact that the planet is greener than it has ever been in the satellite era). So he does their bidding. It is no different than what is going on in other aspects we have seen (think sports/apparel world).

Quite frankly, I do not begrudge China for doing this as far as looking out for number 1 which is (of course China), THEY DO IT BECAUSE THEY CAN. They have a spokesperson in a climate czar that behaves as if he advocates in the orderly manner that Chinese society operates, and is not much different than Pax Romana (the peace of Rome) which implies crushing all opposition, gain control, and then there is peace and order.  Advancements are made in a top-down fashion at the whims of the ruling elite, that know better than the individual (this of course is wonderful if you are in the ruling elite). Upward mobility and hope for individuals is crushed. But let me ask, who is easier to control, a strong person with a strong will, or someone that has no hope and simply wants to go along to get along? This is their time and they know they have laid the foundational groundwork for this. Like Putin going into Ukraine when oil hit 100 a barrel, knowing the dependency of the west on his resources gave him an advantage, and as China knows as the backbone of what has made this country what it is has been, weakened. And who better to use as the front person? Whether it is his motive or not, when you dress down your own nation while you have someone doing the opposite, and they get a free pass, then you are doing their bidding.

Is it intentional? Put it this way, if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, what is it? Was there any mention of China shutting all their coal plants? NO, of course not, because that bully would quickly crush anyone that would not do their bidding. So he turns on his own country. Again, China is just being smart for China’s purposes. Though, Kerry in dressing down his fellow Americans on an agenda driven by a phony climate war (that is what is most aggravating, there is no need for this hysteria and reaction), and not standing up to China is simply someone that is bullying a convenient target (as someone who got bullied every day on the playground [as that was life in Jersey in the 60s], I know what the pecking order looks like). Chances are leftist saying I am unhinged writing this, do not recognize it since they were not exposed to it since over the last 50 years that kind of thing has been brought under control by more control. But that’s what it is, bullying the American people over a phony climate war designed to bring down our way of life.

What about electric vehicles (EVs)? I have nothing against them. But where is all the electricity coming from to power all these cars? I saw a charging station outside the hotel I was at recently. Think about this: If wind and solar are your prime sources, there is no solar at night and wind speeds drop off at night. So if the charging is coming from a non-storable source such as wind or solar, just how do you expect to accomplish that at night? The car was plugged in all night (when I got in, it was there and when I went to the gym at 8 am, it was there). I saw a Chevy Silverado commercial bragging about its 400-mile range, roughly what my 2013 Mazda gets. It takes me 1.5 minutes to get that gassed up for that range. The fastest charging Silverado takes 40 minutes. I guess the bathroom break on the highway is going to be longer (or maybe the design is to do away with long trips). But the price ranges from $40-$105k. I bought my Mazda used for $13k. I can’t afford $40-$105k for a car. Can you? I heard from my cousin that roads will be built with a technology that involves copper to make them get more mileage. Where is the copper coming from? The US is NOT in the top 5 and Russia is 4th. How long will that last?

He is using bullying tactics. Maybe that is why it’s called a bully pulpitsorry I get it.  America must stand up to bullies, foreign or domestic.  The PRESS HAS TO ASK KERRY THESE QUESTIONS. It does me no good. I just get trashed by the left when I do. But is there no one that would ask John Kerry about Chinese pollution and why they are not the CenterPoint of this wrath? Alarming enough, a journalist in China can’t ask that question, and it has become that way here. You are done as a journalist if you do.

The combination of Earth Day and a talk with a URI communications major lead me to write this. Naturally, we discussed climate. I said to him, “Do not believe me, go and look at all the information.” This is what I tell everyone. But what he said to me was alarming. In his whole class, there are no more than a handful of students that question what they are told. It is the same everywhere, my alma mater Penn State for instance. I also told him to keep his head down and do his job (I would hate to be a young person with contrarian views today… that’s opposite of what we were brought up to do), but in his spare time, look at what challenges conventional ideas most. The point here is, John Kerry has an audience today that can be bullied as far as climate goes.  He will not stand up to the number one polluter (China), but he knows he can dress down his own country.

When I start seeing the Climate Czar standing up to the number one polluter, then I will know it’s more than just an agenda based on a phony climate war that is resulting in the diminishing of the American dream. But given he also wants to crush natural gas and Nuclear is out of the question. What could the possible motivation be?

By the way, I think there is certainly a market for EVs, wind, and solar. I have stated this many times and as a matter of fact wind and solar is more profitable for a forecaster than fossil fuel sources. However, its NOT BY FORCED ADHERENCE TO BULLYING TACTICS THAT WOULD SHUT DOWN OUR NATIONS ABILITY TO ENHANCE PEACE AND PROSPERITY. My goodness, you are seeing it in front of your own eyes now. No matter what you think of Former President Trump, he could have wielded an energy sword over the domestic enemy, which is an economy spiraling out of control, a foreign opponent for cheaper oil and less dependence that stops people like Putin whom rely on the opposite from doing what he is now doing. But let us develop these things through capitalism and competition, and if they are meant to move from a supplemental aspect to energy the prime source, they will.  Though, bullying the nation into a position that is obviously increasing instability (maybe that is the goal, for who is strongest now and going forward), they will be the ones dictating the future. The climate Czar’s words and deeds speak volumes as to the intent. This demands people tp fire tough questions at him, rather than the smile and nod response of a nation that is losing faith in itself and hope in its future.

John Kerry as “climate czar”, if he truly wishes to lead, has to stand up the to the real bullies and not bully his own country. I may still disagree with the whole phony climate war, but it would at least show real intent in the matter.

The real shame is that it is an agenda-driven phony climate war. There is no need for this, especially in light of the real problems we face today.


  • Joe Bastardi is a pioneer in extreme weather and long-range forecasting. He is the author of “The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won’t Hear From Al Gore — and Others” which you can purchase at the CFACT bookstore. His new book The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate war can be found here.