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Analysis of Great Reset: ‘Capitalism for the Rich and Socialism for the Poor’ By Michael Rectenwald Excerpt: The Great Reset is the exact inverse of the formula “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.” The Great Reset represents an attempt on the part of a protected class of elite capitalists to form cartels and seek state favoritism to establish capitalism for themselves while effectively consigning […]

MILLOY: Earth Day — Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off – ‘Environmentalism has become totally unhinged as it is all in for climate hysteria’ By STEVE MILLOY The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970. At the time, our environment was somewhat of a mess — too often featuring thick urban smog, burning rivers and lakes, unmanaged and leaking waste dumps and other unsafe or unpleasant environmental conditions.  But it is no longer 1970. It’s time to move […]

New Study Shows Many Protected Areas Don’t Benefit Wildlife – ‘Little impact on biodiversity’ By KAY SMYTHE A new study found that large protected areas have little impact on biodiversity, particularly for water birds. While international policy remains focused on increasing protected areas around the world, a new study of over 1,500 protected areas show that they have a mixed impact on water birds and that simply protecting an area […]