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Alex Epstein: How I stopped The Washington Post from canceling me

By publicly preempting an intended “racism” hit-piece and enlisting influential allies, I turned a potential “cancellation” of me and Fossil Future into widespread position attention.

By Alex Epstein

Two weeks ago, I wrote here about The Washington Post’s plan to cancel me and Fossil Future:

Yesterday I woke up to find out from my publicist that The Washington Post, in response to the book about energy and climate they had been sent (Fossil Future), has decided to try to destroy my book and my life by smearing me as “racist” in a hit-piece set to release tomorrow morning.

Instead of doing the conventional thing, which is to wait for a hit-piece to drop and then react with “damage control,” I am doing the just thing and publicly, preemptively attacking The Post for this despicable act of journalist malpractice.

While I knew that preempting the Washington Post’s hit-piece was the right thing to do, and I expected it to be effective, it proved to be incredibly effective—especially because I made sure to share my public preemption directly with many influential allies.


The main end result, which I describe in the video below, is that the Post delayed their hit-piece by a week—and removed 90% of the unjust attacks, including all references to racism, rendering the piece incredibly weak.

Here’s a breakdown of how this happened:


I am very happy with my preemption of The Washington Post’s planned “racism” hit-piece for 2 reasons:

  1. It saved me a lot of time and potential loss by preventing what could have been a devastating, widespread “cancel” campaign that could have put extreme pressure on my publisher and/or retailers to stop Fossil Future.
  2. It create a model for other victims of unjust “cancel” campaigns to follow.

While I am very happy these results, I’m also ready to resume my normal work of bringing extreme clarity to energy issues from a human flourishing perspective.

Expect much more of that in the coming weeks.