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New Study Finds Quadrupling CO2 Would Lead To Only 1.0°C Increase – Published in Int’l Journal of Atmospheric & Ocean Sciences By P Gosselin “No climate emergency,” scientists say…”increasing levels of CO2 won’t lead to significant changes in earth temperature” Increases in CH4 and N2O will have very little discernable impact. A new publication in the International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences concludes that CO2 climate sensitivity has been excessively exaggerated by IPCC scientists. A British and two German […]

Debunking the media’s lies about ESG social credit scores & the Great Reset By GLENN BECK and JUSTIN HASKINS We’re used to legacy media misleading, concealing, and even downright lying about the important issues facing America — especially when it comes to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores and the Great Reset movement. And on many occasions, we don’t respond with a detailed response. After all, most […]

Australia doctors warned they ‘are obliged to’ follow public health messages – Also warned against ‘authoring papers’ that contradict public health messaging EVEN IF THOSE MESSAGES CONTRADICT INDEPENDENT RESEARCH ON WHAT IS BEST FOR PATIENTS By Alex Berenson Australia’s march toward medical authoritarianism continues. Doctors are now being told they could face discipline for saying anything that contradicts “public health messaging,” even if what they are saying is “evidence-based.” They may even face investigations for “authoring […]