The Horror! Facebook recommending Climate Depot to users! – Facebook algorithm allegedly pushes climate skeptics deeper into ‘disinformation’ By LEAH MONTEBELLO A new investigation has revealed that climate sceptic Facebook users are being driven towards more extreme forms of disinformation by algorithms, despite the social media giant’s claims of a crackdown. By simulating the user experience of an individual liking pages such as “Net Zero Watch”, an organisation countering climate policies, Global […]

Mag: ‘Petro-masculinity’ Is Becoming Toxic, Too—at Least to Online Daters – ‘Climate denial is not hot’ to date OkCupid users say climate denial is now their top deal-breaker. By Liza Featherstone Climate denial is not hot, according to new data offering some conditional hope for the species. Data from online dating site OkCupid, recently shared with The Hill, found that climate denial was the biggest deal-breaker for users on the popular dating app, surpassing […]