Baseless smear machine: Washington Post’s plan to ‘cancel’ Fossil Future—and Alex Epstein – WaPo to attempt to paint Epstein as ‘racist’ By Alex Epstein Yesterday I woke up to find out from my publicist that The Washington Post, in response to the book about energy and climate they had been sent (Fossil Future), has decided to try to destroy my book and my life by smearing me as “racist” in a hit-piece set to release tomorrow morning. Instead of […]

White House Budget Earmarks Billions To Defeat ‘Climate Crisis’ Abroad As Gas Prices Soar By Gabe Kaminsky President Joe Biden is aiming to shell out more than $11 billion for climate spending in other countries, according to the White House’s more than $5.7 trillion budget released on Monday. The proposal, which comes weeks after Congress approved the $1.5 trillion omnibus spending bill for the rest of the […]