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Michael Shellenberger: ‘We are on the brink of global famine due to energy shortages & yet progressive politicians are…refusing to remove barriers to production’

We are on the brink of global famine due to energy shortages and yet progressive politicians are threatening to tax energy producers and refusing to remove barriers to production

This graph of skyrocketing fertilizer prices is the scariest chart in the world right now

“The tempest caused by the European energy disaster has merged with the hurricane of consequences flowing from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, forming the genesis of a generational crisis in food that will leave few unaffected.” 
“In a financial crash, the correlation between all asset classes converges. The coming crash in food supply will be driven by a similar phenomenon across virtually every input into farming – they are all spiking to historic highs simultaneously.” 
Nobody can say they weren’t warned

Western civilization destroys itself from within

The era of wishful thinking is over

Historians of the future will note that the energy crisis was created by Malthusian ruling class of North America & Europe @europeangreens @BernieSanders @billmckibben @GretaThunberg @guardian @nytimes @washingtonpost @NewYorker

If there are famines this year they won’t be the first ones created by Malthusians

They won’t even be the first ones created *this century*

It’s not just that Malthusians are wrong analytically, they’re wrong morally. For them famines are a feature not a bug

The writing’s been on the wall

Their panic had a purpose

What’s that? You find all of this depressing?

Here, have some fentanyl

“We are on the cusp of a mass starvation event of our own making. The leaders who put us in this position are doubling down on their misguided energy policies and will continue to do so UNTIL THEY ARE OVERTHROWN.”


Only @DoombergT

Funny how I forgot to mention that California’s Gov. @GavinNewsom intends to shut down our last nuclear plant in two years. In the midst of an energy crisis. In the name of climate change.

Happily, there’s a quick fix to that one: