EV race ignores Russian, Chinese mineral speed traps

  https://www.cfact.org/2022/03/18/ev-race-ignores-russian-chinese-mineral-speed-traps/ By Larry Bell Billboard size speed limit signs and flashing police radar scanning dashboard warnings be damned! U.S. and European electric vehicle (EV) companies are racing to cash in on markets driven by dependence upon government subsidies which, in turn, rely on scarce and costly materials needed for batteries controlled by foreign adversaries. […]

Pelosi’s Husband Buys $2 Million In Tesla Shares As Democrats Push Green Energy Handouts

https://dailycaller.com/2022/03/23/nancy-pelosi-husband-tesla-stock-purchase-green-energy/ By THOMAS CATENACCI House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband purchased 2,500 shares of Tesla stock amid Democrats’ push for increased green energy spending. Paul Pelosi, the Democratic House leader’s millionaire husband, purchased the tranche of Tesla stock on Thursday, when the company’s share price reached about $872 per share by the end of day, according to congressional filings published […]

WATCH: Steven Crowder RIPS Jon Stewart’s Climate Elitism

https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/jeffrey-clark/2022/03/21/watch-steven-crowder-rips-jon-stewarts-climate-elitism By Jeffrey Clark Political commentator Steven Crowder tore former Daily Show host and multimillionaire Jon Stewart apart for preaching environmental progress but downplaying the cost —  the livelihoods of working people. Crowder recently blasted an episode from The Problem with Jon Stewart on the March 16 edition of his show Louder with Crowder. In a roundtable conversation, Stewart’s senior episode producer Reniqua […]