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Celebrate?! War can help solve climate change! Biden Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm: War in Ukraine ‘creates a moment,’ an ‘urgent moment’ to transition to ‘clean energy’


Energy Sec. Granholm: Ukraine crisis provides ‘urgent moment’ for Congress to act on ‘clean energy’

By Andrew Mark Miller | Fox News

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said Wednesday that the unfolding crisis in Ukraine has created a “moment” where Congress should be acting to push clean energy before the midterms.

“This crisis in Europe, and the crisis our allies are facing and the reduction of supply of natural gas and oil from Russia creates a moment that we should be acting,” Granholm said Wednesday in response to a question about Congress pushing a “clean energy” package. “We heard President Zelenskyy. We do not want to see any country that is held hostage to Vladimir Putin and this is a moment for Congress to be able to act. There can be a compromise. There can be movement on this. What the form is and what the responses are and all of that, that’s a conversation that’s happening but this is a moment to have this happen, it’s an urgent moment.”

“The Biden administration is still pushing to end fossil fuels,” a Twitter account associated with the North Carolina Republican Party tweeted. “Today, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm attended a “Clean Energy” event, funded with dark money from a foreign national, where she CONTINUED to push for the elimination of fossil fuels. #BidenIsADisgrace.”

“Not sure ‘Climate Change can be solved by war and slaughter’ is the winning message you guys want to run with here,” Spectator World editor Stephen L. Miller tweeted.

Granholm’s comment comes after receiving intense scrutiny in recent weeks for several viral clips where the energy secretary appeared to dismiss concerns about rising gas prices in the United States. Additionally, Granholm dodged questions from a Fox News reporter last week regarding the energy crisis and has still not provided answers despite her press secretary assuring the reporter that Granholm’s office would respond.