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Watch: Morano on One America TV: ‘It’s time to stop the sanctions — against American domestic energy!’

Broadcast March 1, 2022

‘IN FOCUS’ — Stephanie Hamill with Marc Morano and Mark Geist

Marc Morano: “Russia gets 40% of its federal budget from oil and gas. In the United States, next to Canada and Mexico, guess who the third-largest supplier of oil is? Russia. It’s over 600,000 barrels a day from Russia to the United States. Last year the U.S. hit an 11 year high of Russian oil imports. At the same time, the Biden administration is begging OPEC to increase oil production.

And our reliance on China for rare earth mining for solar and wind and electric car batteries is going through the roof and China controls by some estimates 80 to 90% of the world capacity for that for this rare earth mining.

So what does the Biden administration do? At the same time, they’re shutting down Keystone pipeline, they’re shutting down mining and drilling. They’re going after fracking by the death of 1000 cuts. They’re using the Treasury Department. to defund and choke off financing for fossil fuel energy projects in America.

It’s time to stop the sanctions — against American domestic energy. That’s the message and even people like Senator Joe Manchin in West Virginia came out today demanding that very thing from the Biden administration. None of this talk about happy talk about how solar and wind will make us less reliant.

The reality is we need fossil fuels. We need them now. And Biden needs to send a signal to the marketplace that America is open for business when it comes to oil, gas, and fossil fuels.”