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Digital Brownshirts Attacking Free Speech on Climate Change Boosted by Liberal Media By Joseph Vazquez The leftist U.K.-based Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) is back attacking the Media Research Center and complaining that Facebook isn’t doing enough to silence those who question the left’s eco-extremist take on climate change. Liberal media outlets are boosting the foreign CCDH’s activism just as the White House […]

Standing up to Putin means ditching Net-Zero (& Green New Deal) – ‘The West can’t win a geopolitical conflict…with an economy powered intermittently by wind & solar’ By Rupert Darwall Vladimir Putin’s inflammatory speech, in which he set out his aim to reconstitute the Russian empire and blamed Lenin for its demise, and his decision to back this up with a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, signals the return of geopolitics. Until now, Western leaders have been saying that the biggest threat […]

John Kerry Issues Urgent Call: Time for Another Climate Summit By SIMON KENT Climate activist John Kerry warned Monday that geopolitical tensions including floods, famine, pestilence, war and rumors of war must all be set to one side as the time has come for another “urgent” climate conference to seal the fate of the world. Kerry appealed for everyone to focus on […]

Stop funding Putin’s war, Boris! Unless the UK ‘puts domestic gas production first, the UK will only help to prolong Putin’s war efforts’ London, 25 February – Net Zero Watch has called on Boris Johnson to stop all Russian gas imports and follow through on his statement to Parliament yesterday that the UK should use domestic hydrocarbons “rather than pointlessly importing them from abroad.” According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy the UK has […]

Morano: G-7 ‘virtue signaling’ climate summits that led to net-zero policies are ‘the reason that Europe is in this mess & beholden to Putin’   Natural Gas Prices Continue Climbing After Ukraine Invasion, Nord Stream 2 Cancellation G7 leaders: ‘We are closely monitoring global oil and gas market conditions’ By Nathan Worcester Natural gas prices, already climbing over the past year, rose further in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a move that came after Germany halted […]

‘Kerry has it ass-backwards’: How the Left’s ‘Green’ Climate Policies Enabled Putin’s Aggression By Spencer Brown While many critics of President Biden point to his weakness on the world stage as a large part of the reason Vladimir Putin decided now was the time to invade Ukraine, there’s more than just Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and faltering foreign policy to blame. “The United States was energy […]