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‘The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time — Part XXIX’   By Francis Menton This is the 29th post in a series going all the way back to July 2013. For newer readers, what I refer to as “The Greatest Scientific Fraud Of All Time” is the systematic alteration of world temperature history records to create and/or augment a warming trend, and thereby support a […]

California’s Green-Energy Subsidies Spur a Gold Rush in Cow Manure – Incentive to make natural gas from dairy waste By Phred Dvorak Clean Energy Fuels Corp. CLNE -2.69% , a major distributor of natural gas made from waste, found a way to boost its earnings by millions of dollars, virtually overnight. All it had to do was switch the main biofuel it supplies to power cars and trucks in California—currently a type of natural gas produced […]

Bill McKibben’s climate activist ‘has been laid low by a budget crunch, equity fights and union strife’ – ‘Mass layoffs, departures, exhaustion, distrust’ The group that brought down Keystone XL faces agonies of its own It was the upstart that changed the face of America’s environmental movement. But, founded by the legendary Bill McKibben, has been laid low by a budget crunch, equity fights and union strife. By ZACK COLMAN The group that revived a […]

Before You Save the Planet, Save the People Who Live on It By: Vijay Jayaraj – February 12, 2022 Climate change frequently dominates media coverage and political discourse. Why wouldn’t it when those advancing the apocalyptic agenda speak in terms of saving the planet? The state of the climate is nothing if not an “existential threat,” or so it is said. For the sake of […]