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Watch: Warmist Andrew Dessler declares ‘I won’t debate the science, the science is set’ – Joe Rogan is not impressed

    With just a few questions, Joe Rogan gets climate scientist to admit that he’s too scared to debate the science on climate change One of our favorite Climate ScientistsTM, Andrew Dessler recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience. I believe it was the Katastraphic Klimate Konsensus’s response to the transgression of previously allowing Dr. Steve […]

CFACT’s daring fight for sensible environmentalism By Dr. Jay Lehr, Tom Harris |February 8th, 2022|Environment|42 Comments LISTEN HERE The parachute jump by members of the Washington, D.C.-based Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) into the UN’s Climate Conference in South Africa epitomizes the group’s daring and fun approach to beating environmental extremism at the own game. Or how about boarding a Greenpeace ship to […]

‘Mutually Beneficial’: Associated Press Expands Climate Reporting Funded By Left-Wing Activist Groups By THOMAS CATENACCI The Associated Press announced Tuesday that it had secured funding from several progressive interest groups to hire two dozen climate change reporters. “This far-reaching initiative will transform how we cover the climate story,” AP executive editor Julie Pace said. The five organizations — the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, […]

Court: Climate Hardliner Leonardo DiCaprio was Paid $150,000 to Fly Private Jet to Attend Party for One Day By DAVID NG Leonardo DiCaprio allegedly flew an exclusive private plane to attend a party for just one day for which the actor was paid $150,000, according to testimony and evidence in a court trial involving a banker in the 1MDB scandal. A witness claimed DiCaprio flew the private jet to Las Vegas in 2009 […]

AP Climate Army? Four Leftist Big Money Orgs Fund AP Eco-Journalists By Jeffrey Clark The Associated Press recently celebrated an $8 million cash infusion from left-wing mega-donors to fund a small army of eco-journalists. The Associated Press (AP) declared on Feb. 15 that “it is assigning more than two dozen journalists across the world to cover climate issues.” The announcement of the $8 million in funding marked […]