Analysis: ‘Amount of energy available to world has increased 1,500-fold’ since 1900 – ‘Gain in useful energy is more like 3,500 times’ – Avg. person now has ‘700 times more useful energy than their ancestors had’ due to fossil fuels BY TOM CHIVERS – UnHerd’s Science Editor. His second book, How to Read Numbers, is out now.  How long can humans survive? This time of plenty won’t last for ever Excerpt: We are currently living in a time of whalefall, suggests the scientist Vaclav Smil in his new book, How the World Really Works. … The demand […]

The end is always nigh: We have an ‘unhealthy emotional dependency on doom for a sense of purpose’ By Lionel Shriver   Typically for my generation, I woke repeatedly as a kid with my pajamas soaked in sweat because I’d had yet another nightmare about nuclear war. While I rarely dream about mushroom clouds any more, a dark cloud of one shape or another has dogged me like a sooty, vaporous stray […]

BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink: ‘Climate Change’ is a ‘defining factor’ in how BlackRock assesses companies – Touts ESG – Environmental, social & corporate governance It’s Not ‘Woke’ for Businesses to Think Beyond Profit, BlackRock Chief Says – DNyuz Laurence D. Fink, the founder and chief executive of the investment giant BlackRock, has become one of the most influential voices in business over the past decade in pushing corporate leaders to think beyond profits, to their social purpose. … […]

All major oil companies including Exxon have now set ‘Net Zero’ CO2 emissions targets – ‘None of this will happen’ Exxon Pledges to Reduce Carbon Emissions From Operations to ‘Net Zero’ – Oil giant said it would zero out emissions from assets it operates by 2050, but didn’t commit to reducing emissions from use of its fuels By Christopher M. Matthews Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM 1.76% said it has set a goal to reduce or offset greenhouse-gas emissions […]