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Watch: Princeton Physicist Dr. Will Happer: ‘CO2 has been unfairly maligned’ as a ‘demon molecule’ – Warns Earth is in ‘a CO2 famine’

Conservative Talk Radio North interviews William. Happer. He’s an American physicist who takes an opposing view of the accepted theory on climate change. Professor Happer discusses what he believes is causing climate change. He also explains why he doesn’t believe there is a “climate emergency.” He also talks about threats made on his life by radical environmental activists. #climatechangehoax
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Dr. Will Happer:
“The observational evidence that we have suggests that the warming from CO2 is going to be small not much more than a degree centigrade, maybe less.”  … 
CO2 has been unfairly maligned. You and i both breathe out a lot of CO2, about two pounds a day. Yet we have to do that just to live and that’s true of the whole living world so
that life on earth depends on CO2. If you got rid of co2 everyone would die you know the plants would die, we would die. It’s a benefit and a blessing to the world and over most of geological history, there’s been much more CO2 than we have now. 
We’re in a CO2 famine. Only once or twice in geological history have CO2 levels been this low and you can already see the greening of the earth from more CO2. There are good satellite
images of that. So who’s opposed to greening, you get better crop yields, get better forestry yields everything is good about it and yet they have cast it in this sort of demon role — the demon molecules. CO2 that all of us are breathing out.